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”Heaven is really beautiful- ”

”Don you think theres anything wrong with it? ” He was distracted as his mind called him suspiciously.

He didn stop for a moment.

”Whats the problem ? ”

He asked without understanding.

”As far as I know, youve never done any charity work. On the contrary, you were a bitch- ”

”Hey, its enough but you
e getting too much! ” The man grimaced.

”So you
e definitely not in heaven. They must have messed up. There must be some mistake. Wait for them to come and pick you up, enjoy your first and last happiness to the fullest one last time hehe ”

”Brain! ” As he roared, the door opened.

”What happened? Are you okay? ”

The man looked around worriedly and examined whether he was injured.

”Who is this old man? ” He spoke to his brain, and of course the man couldn hear him.

”I told you, he must have come to take you! ” The brain laughed merrily.

The mans face fell in an instant.

The man who didn get an answer was even more worried, taking his sons hand and rushing to the door.

Realizing that he was really taken away, the man wanted to cry and resist. He grabbed onto the window and shouted in a screeching voice.

”Never! I won go anywhere else! If you kill me, I won go again! ”

The man was startled and shocked when his son suddenly became restless.

His son is usually a quiet child. He has an introverted personality and he last spoke the last word two months ago, let alone shouting.

He was stunned and for a moment didn know what to do. Finally he tried to persuade.

”Come on, lets go to a hospital ”

The brain spoke smugly. ”You idiot who doesn know history, you probably don know what a hospital is. Its okay, let me tell you. Its where people call hell. Its home to all kinds of sadness, all the dead leave the hospital, only those responsible are thrown there! ” The type of interpretation the brain read in optics explained the text with a superior mindset.

”So in the language of this place, you
e seriously going to hell ahahahahaha! ”

”No! I would never go there! I would go down to the Entomons lair and not go there! ”

There was an even louder, shrill cry. This time he hugged the bars of the window even tighter.

His father was confused and said, ”Okay son! As you wish! ” He spoke with concern.

Hearing this, the mans body stiffened again. He turned his neck piece by piece and looked at the man, as if his neck was rusty and squeaky and he needed oil.

”What did you say? Son? Aren you a fiend? ”

According to the myths, weren the guardians of hell called demons? Or is voluntary parenting common now, huh?

The man wanted to laugh, but restrained himself, saying, ”Your father, you colt, don play tricks on me. ” Even though he knew his son wouldn understand him, he couldn stop him from saying that.

But the man understood and was stunned.

”Brain? ”

”What? ” Was the brain feeling some remorse?

”If I find the person who says you are the wise organ, I will throw him to the demons, you ignorant bastard ”

Although the brain wanted to object, the man did not give him this opportunity.

”Father? ” He asked hesitantly.

The man shook his head and looked at her.

Oh, god must have taken pity on her and sent this man?

So he had a parent??

He was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to do. Was it good or bad? In his time, every parent without exception was son of a b*tch!

He looked at the man hesitantly again, the deep compassion in his eyes making him take a few steps back, feeling alien.

-To be continued-

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