08:Old Calendar

The man didn notice his backing and hesitation because his deep concern and fuss about his son prevented him from seeing these little movements.

”Murong, are you really not going to the hospital? ” The word hospital was like a mine even as the man asked anxiously, as soon as he heard his son clutched tightly to the glass bars again and gave him a cautious look. He couldn help but laugh when he saw this defense of her, as if hed be pissed off as he got closer.


How could he be so innocent?

His son is like an angel descended to earth with a pure heart. Children were always spotless, and he was always a child. Unfortunately, this world is not a place to appreciate it.

The man stepped back, laughing. ”Well, as you wish ” his son was fine as far as he could see, breathing deeply, calming his heart.

God knows how worried he was when his son shouted.

When the man left the room with the thought that it was time for supper, he released the bars of the window and sat on the floor in bewilderment.

”Brain ? ”

”Hmm? ”

”That man said he was my father ”

”Luckily its not your real father, 1021, or I can imagine what youll do to him, ” the brains sneer came again.

The 1021 continued, ignoring it.

”That man called me Murong! ” She felt so strange, why did she say a word to him? It wasn a number, and it was pretty weird!

He frowned and jumped to his feet. He rushed in and stopped when he saw the man.

The man had his back to her and hadn noticed.

What to say to him?

He hesitated for a moment.

”B-Daddy? ” He paused, not even understanding why his voice was shaking. This was so weird! But how else would he call her? Lets just say it like this!

Despite his hesitation, the 1021 quickly adapted. The future would not wait for them to get used to it, so the adaptability of the people of the future is different from everyone else.

The man turned and looked at his son, who was calling out to him in surprise.

You should know that this boy is not very talkative.

Even the nanny working in the kitchen at that moment was about to drop the bucket in fear. It can be said that this is the first time he can hear the year of the child! He would almost think he was mute!

”Im 1021, im not Murong! ”

The boy observed his reactions, unable to squint slightly, especially when he turned to the woman in the corner.

A few seconds of staring had scrutinized her from all angles and had withdrawn her gaze after being labeled harmless.

On the other hand, the woman, who felt that she was almost being scanned by radar, felt a shiver radiating from her spine.

How did he look? Cold and emotionless, it was as if he was deciding his life or death!

”Okay 1021 ” 1021 was about to be satisfied when the man approached with a smile and stroked his hair, but at that moment he was just stunned!

Her refusal to approach him, and that sense of confidence, frowned and made her take a step back.

If it was in the future, you can guess that he would have died immediately.

This was really dangerous!

Even in heaven, didn the people who came here once pass through the earth? What human could be without desire, perfect?

Maybe one of them was mean to him!

He could never let his guard down!

Its a subconscious defense, and before he can react, he takes a few steps away from the man, making it nearly five meters apart.

Man ”… ”

Nanny ”… ”

Despite his departure, 1021 felt the warmth in his head, even for a moment he felt warm inside. Warm up? No!

His face turned white with fear, what if it was a parasite? There could be larvae in it! Frightened, she immediately felt herself and checked her body from head to toe 3-4 times until she realized that there was nothing wrong with her body, and finally he exhaled with relief.

-To be continued-

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