”Ugh… ”

A searing pain entered my head, moving my hand to massage it.

Quite painful yet doable.

”Huh? ”

Wait just a moment…

My hand felt smooth for some reason.

It was something bizarre, feeling that my hands which I used to slay enemies had become this… delicate.

Slightly surprised by the situation, I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

I thought I was still in the same darkness and just imagining things but…

”Huh? ”

A ceiling?

Sitting down from where I was lying, I moved my eyes around to see the place I was in.

I quickly surmised I was in the room, lying down on this big and fluffy bed. On the window part, beautiful glass designs could be seen, and outside of it was a balcony.

Materialistic things that look like a waste of money were scattered all over the place and a family picture on the far front was plastered on the wall.

My process of thinking came to a halt.

I was genuinely shocked.

What in the….

”Who the hell are those? ”


The question I muttered I left under my breath was interrupted as soon as a knock was heard from the door of this room.

”Who is it? ”

”Its now morning, Prince— No, King Zarus. The breakfast is ready. ”

A young womans voice answered with a soothing tone. The way she was speaking doesn have a hint of hostility but only warmth.

Even so…

”Zarus? ”

I didn mind her warm tone as I focused on the name the woman from outside had called me.

”… ”

Shifting my face down my body, I could see I was wearing what seems to be normal clothes that is suitable for sleeping.

Still, even so…

”Zarus? ”

I repeated, completely in a daze, finally coming up with a thought that the name was clearly directed toward me.

”Is there something wrong, Your Majesty? ”

It was then the voice from the outside called me with a mix of concern and distress. Just by listening, it was starting to get worried.

”No, nothing. ”

Calmly answering, I let out a sigh from my mouth.

I tried to avoid this but…

Looks like I had transmigrated.

Looking at my hands, opening and closing them, I continued,

Yet, I don know how many years since I died but setting that thought aside, I just suddenly woke up all of a sudden in a… body of a person? How is that even possible? I thought it was unbelievable rumors and talks but it really happened to me…

I knew something was wrong after the lady from the outside said my name which really didn belong to me.

I wasn Zarus. I was the Demon King Bael.

Letting out another sigh from my mouth, I said, ”Come inside my room. ”

”Erm, are you sure, Your Majesty? ”

”I don want to repeat myself. ”

After I ordered the lady from the outside, the door let out a creaking sound which kind of weirded me out a bit but I left it aside for a second before I saw the lady standing from the door.

She wore an outfit in black in white dress. Her face was gorgeous, adding her ponytail hairstyle only made her more charming.

The faint smile she was giving was a perfect match for her expressionless face.

The way she moved beside my bed and followed my orders was enough for me to know that the lady was the servant of the body I was in onto this world.

”What is your name? ”

The lady tilts her head, probably perplexed by my question before respectfully saying, ”My name is Taurel Florant, Your Majesty. Im your personal maid. ”

”I see. ”

Right, asking her about certain things like why the hell am I here and who the hell are you just doesn sound right in the perspective of someone, who seems to be a close servant of this body.

It would really make the lady start having doubts as my movements were probably weird right after we interact with each other.

Hmm, I should see the things myself and figure out why am I here in the first place.

Getting up from bed, I began to formulate the thing I needed to do right after I exit this place.

”Then, can you take me to where the dining area is? ”

But first, I have to eat.

I wanted to eat something to start the day and finding an answer to something I don know might take a long time or with luck, it might lessen.

Taurel nodded silently before saying, ”As you wish, your Majesty. ”

Giving back the same gesture, I proceed to look outside the room with a slight annoyance plastered on my face.

Seriously though, I was at the time where I was in peace. And I was happy about it.

When I finally get what I really wanted and was living in it, I was summoned to this place out of nowhere.

Who wouldn be annoyed?

After following the lady name Taurel towards the dining area, I was currently sitting down on a chair, eyeing the food that has been served to me.

No…was this even food in the first place?

”Uhm, what the hell is this? ”

”… ”

”Are you serving me a piece of garbage? Who is the cook here? ”

”… ”

Taurels expressionless face turned into an embarrassed one after hearing my rant. It was obvious on her face that she knew it was this disastrous meal but she still served it anyway.

What in a dogshit is this? Are kings in this world stoop at this low?

”Sorry, your Majesty b-but… I was the one who cooked you for it… ” Taurel spoke dejectedly as she continued, ”The chefs already quit a month ago. It was also the same for most of the people who worked here. The income we receive wasn even enough to buy a lump of meat. ”

”… ”

I tried to deny it but I knew something was wrong here.

The way the door creaks from every room, walking through the broken hallways, the glasses that aren even fixed, and lastly this garbage meal that was served by me.

Mixing all those things together, I knew that the place I was currently living was really poor.

Dead-ass poor.

”I lost my appetite. ”

Calmly speaking, I looked at the only servant I could see before continuing, ”You. When you
e cooking, you should— ”

”… ”

Stopping my words were her slight movements from her hand.

I saw Taurels placing both of her hands on the back suspiciously looking like she was trying to hide something from me.

Her actions were entirely different from the way she moves earlier.

I became on guard, probably by instinct.

Does my powers are still here with me? Can I use them? I shouldve tested it after I have woken up. What a silly mistake I made.

Musing inwardly, I tried to lower my killing intent as possible.

”Show me your hands. ”

”… ”

”If I saw you moving suspiciously and unnecessarily, motioning some weird things, I wouldn hesitate to kill you. ”

”Y-your Majesty? ” Taurel stuttered as she seemed baffled about the things that were happening, ”Are you okay? ”


”Show me your hands… ”

I repeated once again yet my voice changed into something more sinister.

It was my true and original voice.


Taurels expression was out of place as her face became terrified. Presumably by intuition, she hastily moved both of her hands on the front and showed them to me.

”… ”

The hideous aura I was emitting slowly fades, resulting in this part of the area being calm.

”Hik… Hik… ”

Taurel was crying and I was there looking at her with a deadpan expression.

”Hik… Hik… ”

Moving my gaze at her hands, I saw… nothing placed on them. But as I look closer, they were bandages were wrapped in her fingers.

”Hik… Hik… ”

Knowing it was my fault, I slowly moved towards her position as she seems petrified about the thing she just witnessed.

Coming into her front, I ordered, ”Look at me. ”

Like a servant, Taurels turned her head towards me but with tears dropping down her cheeks.

”Hik… W-what is it… Hik… your Majesty? ”

Watching her crying, I moved my hands towards her cheek and wiped the tears that has keep falling down.

”Stop crying. ” I flatly ordered, ”I will not repeat myself again. ”

With a few hiccups, Taurel slowly stopped herself from crying but she was still frozen in her place. She was shaking. Whether it was her hand or legs even her head, it showed slight quivering.

Good servant. I mused as I watch Taurel finally stop herself from crying.

After seeing her head giving a nod, I smiled faintly as I remember the loyal servants I had when I was still a demon king when I see this lady.

At that time, all of us felt pain through the countless wars we have done.

We felt delighted when we won. But we mourned, cry, and suffer from the word pain when we lose.

Thats why death was the only thing I wished after I felt that word pain for once. I mused inwardly before I let out a bitter laugh from my mouth. That way, I could rest peacefully.

”Hey, Taurel. Do you want to see something? ” I spoke calmly while forming a faint smile on my face.

”S-something? ” Taurel stuttered with a baffled tone.

I give her a nod, ”Yes. ”

”… ”

I don know if I still have my powers though but after I let my aura out, maybe there was still something left.

Taurel was silent for a moment before she give a faint smile on her face, ”Please, Your Majesty. Show me what it is. I knew it would be something good. ”

After Taurel had given the go sign, I moved back three steps behind before I remained still.

I slowly raised my hand to the same level as my head before snapping them.


”Space Creation. ”


Suddenly, everything goes dark within the space. The dining table, the chairs, everything was gone.

”Your… Majesty?! What is this?! ”

”Stay in your position, Taurel! ”


In the dark space, a light appeared.

It was one at first before it separated into two before the two became four. It was dividing and dividing until the lights became countless.


It felt like we were in a space where the stars were seen and we were floating in it. The dark space instantly soon became bright with the twinkling lights from inside it.

Whether they were far or near us didn matter. They were all beautiful to look at.


And as if we
e floating but we are actually not.


”Woah! ” Taurel spoke with astonishment.


”Taurel, ” I spoke with a calm tone as I look warmly at the servant. ”Give me your hands. ”

Taurel give her hands to me with an embarrassed expression. I wrapped them together with my two hands, currently feeling how warm the human hands are.

”… ”

I don know who you are.

”But you must be important to this person. ”

Coming to that conclusion…

”You must be someone who is loyal that even though I showed you that thing and even give you a nightmare you might dream for days, you weren angry at me,

To reward you…

”I will heal your injuries… ”

Taurel tilt her head to the side and spoke, ”Your Majesty?! I can hear you?! I saw your lips moving but it felt like you were talking to yourself. I thought I heard you earlier but it was now gone. You can hear me, right?! ”

Of course, you wouldn hear me. I temporarily stopped your hearing after I called you. We
e on my space after all. I mused inwardly before giving a nod.


Demonic Healing Arts.

The moment I chanted my magic, I saw her hands start healing with black particles enveloping both of them.

The burns, cuts, and wounds were slowly disappearing. In the process, I could see Taurels face turn sour, biting her lips to resist it.

”Urgh… ”

Even though I didn tell her what I will do to her hands, she accepts it like it was nothing. I guess thats just how loyal this servant is to her superior.

Yet, as the healing was in the process, her eyes were never focused on it, instead, they were glued to the twinkling lights I created within my space.

Even my eyes can help but be in awe at the lights I created.

There, standing at our position, we silently watch the lights with a mix of emotions and expressions.

Taurels face was filled with astonishment and awe while, on the other hand, I was feeling contented and can help but think of the memories of the past.

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