Walking inside with calm steps, I saw an oval shape lamp on the side placed on some kind of old desk. I decided to move there first and turn it on.

It produce a buzzing sound before it turned on, yet only the desk and the things placed on it were the only ones seen.

There were two books, some candles, and a kitchen knife. There was also a saw that is used for cutting trees but it looks very old.

Curious about the things, I get the first book I could touch and couldn help but be slightly surprised by the title.

Ritual Guidelines?

I mused inwardly, curiously opening the pages of the book.

After skimming the pages, I proceed to come back to the first age to start over.

I read the first paragraph loudly, ”This ritual has only a minuscule probability to happen yet it produces good results as an effect. Beware as you read the context on how to do it may endanger your life. ”

I paused as I moved into another, ”The ritual was something more like a wish. To have your wish granted, you must follow the procedure step by step. One mistake will make your efforts into vain, huh. ”

I moved my eyes down with only the last words left.

”Good luck. ”

I could feel it.

Its more like an intuition.

This must be related to my transferring here, right? I mused inwardly before sighing loudly, ”Then, what am I here for? ”

I moved my attention to the wide space inside this place, by turning my body around. As I moved, halting my steps, I could feel something sticky from the ground that I stepped on.

Is this the blood I smelled before I entered?

I thought before removing my feet from it.

Moving back to the desk to get the candles, I came back to the entrance to close the door, afraid of someone seeing me before I came back to the same position earlier.

I get one candle in my hand and used my magic to light it.

”Ember of Fire. ”


After I lit up the one candle, I began to put others from each corner of this place. After putting them all, I stand in the position where I was standing earlier and stayed there for a moment.

I snapped my fingers once again before all the candles that I place started to light up.


It was then I began to clearly see what was inside the place.

In the middle, a sign was painted with the use of blood I had smelled earlier when entering this cabin.

The circle was perfectly shaped well. It was flawlessly round. And inside of it was a star which is also painted with the same blood.

Candles were also placed on the edges of the star, specifically on its tip which really added to the feeling that this is some sort of ritual.

But as I squinted my eyes, I could clearly see a book was placed in the middle.

Walking towards the middle while avoiding the paint, I grab the book using one hand.

Surprisingly enough, the book doesn have any title on it which is somehow weird.

”Hmm… ” I hummed as I began to flip the cover and its pages.

”… ”

The first page was blank but as I moved towards the other, the book was starting to have contexts starting with…

”When I was a kid, I wanted to be my father in the future. He was a good king that everyone loves. But, why did he have to be killed? Its impossible that he just died because of some accident. As far as I could remember, my father wasn on bad terms with everyone… ”

I continued to read the context of the book.

”After he was killed, it was my turn to be in his position. I thought being a king was easy than just a simple order, the followers would always follow but I was wrong. Everyone was wearing masks showing their smile but on the inside, they were mocking me inside. ”

”Thats when I knew… these bastards were traitors. I tried to investigate it myself and dig more but the ones who truly followed me died one by one. Shit… it felt like they were watching my movements. I knew that being in my room wasn safe anymore. Who knew when I would be next? ”

I flip onto the other pages and only read the text which seems important.

”Suddenly, while I was roaming around the kingdom, I found this strange book. It said here it was a ritual one, saying it was wish-type magic. It was absurd for a moment but… I decided to try it. ”

My eyes stopped moving at that point as various ideas and thoughts started to form together, connecting the puzzles until they become a conclusion.

”I see… ” Frowning slightly, ”I was transferred here probably because of this… ritual? ”

It sounds absolutely unconvincing and far-fetched but with the information I gathered, that was the only thing I could think of.

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