p>With that being in mind I began to stand up in my place.


As I stand, my senses shook a little as my balanced went unbalanced as the notebook fell to the floor.

Its funny that I was having this… sort of problem.

When I was reading before I was transferred, I could read a book without a hitch. Being hungry wasn even a thing.

Yet, here am I, having those two things.

”Prince Zarus. No, King Zarus, huh, ”

Throughout the things I read from the notes, the prince had already given his intention. He even probably mentioned it right at the start.

Im not a man that would do anything for free. I wouldn even plan or do anything the things I did when I was the demon king.

Yet, revenge or invading wasn anything that the prince wants.

”Peace, huh. ”

I think thats a nice goal.

In a second life where problems would arise, a better way to counter it was the word peacefulness.

”It will be a boring second life then, ”

I can help but smile a little.

Since I and the prince have the same goal, it doesn change anything.

I would have refused to help the kingdom to be in peace if it involves bloodshed and invading, but it wasn .

It seems like he wasn lying when he said he was a smart person.

”Ah… theres a lot of things to do. ”

With that thought in mind, I walk outside the cabin and began walking back toward the kingdom while having a goal in mind.

525 days.

I decided that I have to give up on this ritual thingy.

I decided that there was no way I would get anything with just a simple wish. I was smart but not wise.

It was such stupidity to believe something unbelievable.

But… if this ritual worked, my problems would be all well. Everything that I wished for would come true.

Thats why…I would do anything to fulfill it. Even if I have to sacrifice myself in the process.

But I was done with it now. I have to focus on my kingdom. Those are only wishes and only kids only believe such a thing.

/I have no time for doing the ritual for now. I have to focus on what I have and focus only on it./

I knew it. His diary didn stop at 524 days. He had just given up on the ritual but he continued writing his everyday life.

I thought inwardly as I glance half of my head at the person beside me.

”Thank you for giving this to me. Did you look inside it? ”

”No, your Majesty. ” Taurel shakes her head innocently, ”You have ordered me not to look at it. Ive always kept it, ensuring that it is always safe. You said I am the one you could trust. You don remember it, your Majesty? ”

I don .

As if I would tell her that.

”I do remember. It is exactly the words that I have told you. I really like your loyalty, Taurel. ”

Taurel smiled slightly as she replied, ”You flatter me, Your Majesty. Anyway, do you want me to cook for you? Your face is kind of pale. ”

My face becomes paler as I remember the meal that she has been given to me the first time I had transferred to this world.

And seeing it again for the second time would only bring the haunt to my sleep.

”No meal. ” I flatly answered, ”Just… buy some bread. Yes, seeing that it is morning, a loaf of bread would be good to start a day isn it? ”

”But… you were at the cabin for a few days. ” Taurel speaks worriedly, ”Are you sure you don want a fast meal? ”

”I am sure. ”

Taurel look mindlessly for a moment before giving a nod as a response but before she could go out,

I called.

”Where does this kingdoms money has been put, Taurel? ”

”You mean your kingdom, your Majesty. ”

”Yes, yes. ”

Taurel tilt her head slightly to the side before she answered, ”In the vaults. Only you and the Keeper are available on it. ”

Keeper, huh.

”Could you take me to it before you go buy? ”

Taurels confusion was visible on her face yet, even so, she nodded and began to guide me towards the vault.

”You must be the keeper, ”

I looked at the person which seems to be old. He bowed his head respectfully as I called him, returning his simple and respectful gesture.

”Hello, Your Majesty. Is it hard being a king? ”

”It sure does. Anyway, can I enter and see whats inside? ”

”Of course. ”

With that permission to enter, the keeper began to grab a key in his pocket, sticking it into the keyhole before the vault opened.

”… ”

Clouds of dust appeared from the inside and the moment it opened, what presented me the inside was… nothing.

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