Repeating the conclusion in my head, I can help but be left speechless.

A moment ago, my insides were full of annoyance but now, seeing that I was transmigrated here by this ritual by some unknown person, I don know what to think or say anymore.

Should I be glad that I have a second chance I didn want? Should I be angry and mad just because some prince transferred me without my consent?

”Shit… I don know anymore… ”

Overwhelmed was the right word for my situation right now.

Without knowing what to think, for now, I continued reading the notes that the prince of this world had left.

”I just wanted to have a peaceful kingdom where my people… my trusted people are living in peace. I don want to join any unions or partake in any wars. I just wanted that. ”

Well, I guess he wasn a person who like battles. So, we
e pretty much the same huh,

”Yet, I couldn do it. I don have the power. The money. The army that could hold and attain the goal I wished for. Wish… Sigh, I don really know why am I writing this in the first place. As if somebody would read this… ”

Yet I did.

”I was writing this before I could start the ritual. To see the results. Sure, I wasn strong or powerful enough but I am smart. I knew to myself that Im not an idiot which is the reason why I knew some of the traitors were. But as I was planning, I have to see what this ritual could bring to me first. ”


”My father was a trusting man. My mother is a loving woman. My brother wants to become a knight. My sister is a bookworm. Me… I am… I don know who I am… Im confused. ”

Im confused as well.

Do these notes start when his father died or right after he was a king? I don really know both since I don have any information.

Seriously though… the ritual should put that one could pass the memories of the others. If thats the case, I wasn in this problem right now. Sigh, well, if I don know something, I should just ask Taurel questions later,

Moving to the corner of the cabin, sitting down on it after wiping the dirty specks of dust, I began to lay back at the wall and decided to read all the pages of the notebook silently.

Apparently, reading books doesn bore me as Im fond of reading.


Only the sound of the pages could be heard inside the cabin with a few days passing by since then.

I felt my back aching, my butt being numbed as I continued reading the notes that the prince had left and written in this notebook.

The context of the book was the days that the prince had written them as he did the ritual. The results for the day of the ritual. His days as a king and before he was a king.

Throughout the way, it seems that I started to get clear of the situation.

The prince wasn a king till he had come in age. With the previous king being dead, he was replaced by his uncle, who died from sickness after the moment the prince had become a king.

It seems he was being advised by his uncle until the time was done.

It was two years since then and two years after, it was pretty good. Well, thats what his uncle thought so as the kingdom was still on the brink of collapse.

It doesn change when the princes father was ruling and the prince had written that it might not change soon when he was the one ruling.

Yet, his father, his uncle had pretty much maintained the place.

Sadly, as earlier notes said, his uncle had also died.

Interesting enough, the sickness he had was a common thing in this world so no one suspects a thing. Even the prince I was in, believed the same thing which I don really mind anymore.

What I have my attention about was his last note. It was two months ago and the day count of this was five hundred and twenty four days which is equal to a year and six months.

What was written seems to be a failure. A note of giving up.

It seems the ritual which the prince was hoping for seems to be a failure. He was such an absurd kid who would think a wishing book would help his problems.

”524 days. I give up. ”

Thats all.

The thing he had written throughout the days before that were all long but as time goes by, it goes shorter.

Of course, the thought of giving up mustve been evident throughout the test of the ritual, and seeing nothing was happening for a year, it must be tough.

It keeps going and going until the tiredness finally bears fruit two months ago.


It was at that moment that I felt my stomach making a weird sound.

”Ah… thats right. ”

Im hungry.

With that being in mind I began to stand up in my place.


As I stand, my senses shook a little as my balanced went unbalanced as the notebook fell to the floor.

Its funny that I was having this… sort of problem.

When I was reading before I was transferred, I could read a book without a hitch. Being hungry wasn even a thing.

Yet, here am I, having those two things.

”Prince Zarus. No, King Zarus, huh, ”

Throughout the things I read from the notes, the prince had already given his intention. He even probably mentioned it right at the start.

Im not a man that would do anything for free. I wouldn even plan or do anything the things I did when I was the demon king.

Yet, revenge or invading wasn anything that the prince wants.

”Peace, huh. ”

I think thats a nice goal.

In a second life where problems would arise, a better way to counter it was the word peacefulness.

”It will be a boring second life then, ”

I can help but smile a little.

Since I and the prince have the same goal, it doesn change anything.

I would have refused to help the kingdom to be in peace if it involves bloodshed and invading, but it wasn .

It seems like he wasn lying when he said he was a smart person.

”Ah… theres a lot of things to do. ”

With that thought in mind, I walk outside the cabin and began walking back toward the kingdom while having a goal in mind.

525 days.

I decided that I have to give up on this ritual thingy.

I decided that there was no way I would get anything with just a simple wish. I was smart but not wise.

It was such stupidity to believe something unbelievable.

But… if this ritual worked, my problems would be all well. Everything that I wished for would come true.

Thats why…I would do anything to fulfill it. Even if I have to sacrifice myself in the process.

But I was done with it now. I have to focus on my kingdom. Those are only wishes and only kids only believe such a thing.

/I have no time for doing the ritual for now. I have to focus on what I have and focus only on it./

I knew it. His diary didn stop at 524 days. He had just given up on the ritual but he continued writing his everyday life.

I thought inwardly as I glance half of my head at the person beside me.

”Thank you for giving this to me. Did you look inside it? ”

”No, your Majesty. ” Taurel shakes her head innocently, ”You have ordered me not to look at it. Ive always kept it, ensuring that it is always safe. You said I am the one you could trust. You don remember it, your Majesty? ”

I don .

As if I would tell her that.

”I do remember. It is exactly the words that I have told you. I really like your loyalty, Taurel. ”

Taurel smiled slightly as she replied, ”You flatter me, Your Majesty. Anyway, do you want me to cook for you? Your face is kind of pale. ”

My face becomes paler as I remember the meal that she has been given to me the first time I had transferred to this world.

And seeing it again for the second time would only bring the haunt to my sleep.

”No meal. ” I flatly answered, ”Just… buy some bread. Yes, seeing that it is morning, a loaf of bread would be good to start a day isn it? ”

”But… you were at the cabin for a few days. ” Taurel speaks worriedly, ”Are you sure you don want a fast meal? ”

”I am sure. ”

Taurel look mindlessly for a moment before giving a nod as a response but before she could go out,

I called.

”Where does this kingdoms money has been put, Taurel? ”

”You mean your kingdom, your Majesty. ”

”Yes, yes. ”

Taurel tilt her head slightly to the side before she answered, ”In the vaults. Only you and the Keeper are available on it. ”

Keeper, huh.

”Could you take me to it before you go buy? ”

Taurels confusion was visible on her face yet, even so, she nodded and began to guide me towards the vault.

”You must be the keeper, ”

I looked at the person which seems to be old. He bowed his head respectfully as I called him, returning his simple and respectful gesture.

”Hello, Your Majesty. Is it hard being a king? ”

”It sure does. Anyway, can I enter and see whats inside? ”

”Of course. ”

With that permission to enter, the keeper began to grab a key in his pocket, sticking it into the keyhole before the vault opened.

”… ”

Clouds of dust appeared from the inside and the moment it opened, what presented me the inside was… nothing.

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