guarding me and protecting me when she can even fight.

/Still, her cooking sucks./

I think I could agree with this. On the last sentence, I mean.

The moment I got back from my lookout at the vaults, I walk towards the whole kingdom, seeing the views and places on it.

After I was done, I proceed to my room and began to read notes that the prince had left.

It was a funny note, to be honest, that revolves around Taurel. It seems that the prince knew what her weakness is which is the first thing I knew right after I came into this world.

”Pheww… ”

Bringing down the notebook onto the table, I let out a sigh from my mouth as I lay my back on the chair, thinking about the things I have to do in the future while thinking about the present.

Funnily enough, it seems my transmigration didn really affect me that much. I wasn happy or sad. I think everything that had happened to me is what they called the natural occurrences.

Looking at the window outside, I saw the moon was shining as ever.

We have a common tongue. I could understand their language and they could understand mine. Does my former world have something to do with my transmigration? But… thats weird. I think the ritual had only done that. Zarus had sacrificed himself, knowing the results.

I began to scratch my head in annoyance.

Argh, theres no need for me to think that world. And I would never wish to come back for it. So…

So I need to think about what I could do here.

First of all, the money of this kingdom.

I could say fully that we
e probably the poorest out of all. It seemed the prince didn how to handle money very well which I was good at.

And I have to fix it first.

Ive gathered information. There are many ways to earn money in this world and one thing was to get a job which the keeper was doing and Taurel was doing.

They earn money that came from the kingdom. Which came from me.

But, I wouldn be doing that. Theres no way a prince would work for someone and it wouldn enough to raise a kingdom into its ruins.

What does this body have that I could use?

I can help but look around as I thought of that thing.

What lies in my room are the same exotic things that I had seen the moment I woke up. They were shining and shimmering as if they were telling themselves that they were pure.

”Ah, ”

Looks like the problem of money had been solved. Its not much but I could start using these useless things as capital.

Now, for the second thing, it seems we
e lacking people.

They were a few guards in the castle that I don know if they could be trusted. They didn even greet me or even said a word when I passed them.

As if I was just a normal person passing by.

Being ignored was something I want as I wanted a peaceful life but it didn really suit for a kingdom even though its on a brink of collapse.

Of course, I could just ignore everything and fled to this kingdom right in this instant but this body didn want to.

Its not like Im being forced to. I just wanted to help this kingdom, knowing this prince had sacrificed enough, resulting in him his death.

”Sigh, I hope nothing happens while I was trying to rebuild this kingdom. After that, I think I will just explore this world and saw the views on them. Ah… what a peaceful goal. ”

To achieve that, I have to do this first.

”How do I find some good guards, though? Well, Ill solve that when that time comes. The money comes first. ”

Getting up from my chair, I proceed to take a bath for a moment and lie down on my bed as soon as I was dressed and clothed.

Covering myself with a blanket, leaving my head uncovered, I looked at the ceiling of my room.

I can but subconsciously smile.

”For a moment, I think this is my first time sleeping well. I was all awake for the past few days and having a good time sleep is sure rewarding. ”

Is sleeping that fun? They say it is as it can relax your mind.

I never had this when I was a demon king. So much chaos going on and sleeping is the least you could do as your life is in danger every moment.

With such an exciting feeling, I began to close my eyes and rest.

Damn, this sure is fun.

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