The vaults were empty…

Just how… poor is this kingdom? So poor that the vaults where their money is being kept were empty, absolutely nothing.

”It has been emptied ever since you had given everyone a retirement fee. ”

”Then, why didn you leave? ”

”Ive been a keeper since after my father died. ” The old man answered, ”Its been a privilege for us to be a keeper of a kingdom. We
e paid well and I could raise my family using it hence I didn quit. ”

”And, let me guess, theres nothing to pay anymore for the people of this kingdom, seeing that the vaults are already empty, ”

”You are sharp as ever, Your Majesty, ” The old man embarrassedly answered before continuing, ”It seems like more people will be quitting but I promise not to quit. ”

”Thats a lie. ”

”… ”

I smiled slightly as I look at him.

”You said you are well paid but what if theres nothing to pay at all? What would a simple person do? Of course, he would quit his previous job and find another job that could pay him. How could he support his family then? ”

”… ”

It wasn my intention to tell the truth. All I have come here was to find the vaults to see if theres some money left.

Even so, testing the loyalty of the people here could be put to my advantage.

I wanted to see who is who. In that way, I could know who will be trusted and who is not.

Its still early stage but knowing it would be really good for me who wants to achieve peace.

”Haha, if that happened that is. Its still far away when the payday comes but if that happens, I would surely tell you right away. ”

”So, youll stay as long you are paid, ”

”Thats what I was signed for. ”

”And you will remain to be a keeper when you keep receiving? ”

”Isn it the same as above? ”

”It is. ”

Im liking this man.

He seems to be trusted as long as he was paid but it wasn enough to earn my full trust.

The notes didn tell who the traitors were hence I needed to find out who were they. I don even know if the prince was even telling the truth, making things up, or is just a wrong deduction on his part.

Nevertheless, its not bad to prepare.

”Say, what is your name once again? ”

”Excuse me but… did you say what was my name, Your Majesty? ”

”I don want to repeat myself again. ”

The old man tilted his head to the side, apparently confused about why I was asking his name but he answered anyway,

”My name is Dalton Treshor and always be Dalton, your Majesty. Erm, I have been a keeper ever since— ”

”Yes, yes. I don want to hear more of this family. I just wanted to come here to see the vault and to thank you for being a keeper. Kuhum, its not like Im doubting you but you didn steal anything inside of the vault when it was still full and well? ”

”I would never do that, your Majesty. I had a contract formed within the kingdom. ”

”But it was just all papers. ”

”… ”

Since the situation was getting tense, I finally stop myself from playing before apologizing, ”Im sorry if I made this talk into nonsense. I… I was just having a bad day and can help but be like this. ”

”I understand, ”

Dalton respectfully answered and seemed to believe the words I was saying which made me quite relieved before we said goodbyes to each other.

”Ill find a solution to this problem. Until then, don leave. ”

”Until you find a solution, your Majesty. If not, I would tell my leave to you. ”

”Sure, ”

Turning around, I began to leave the vaults to Keeper Dalton.

It was fun talking to him.

526 days.

Many are still quitting. Day by day, the people I trusted seemed to be not what I was thinking.

All except Taurel.

I could say in my writing that she is a loyal person. Well, Ive known her and her family since when I was a kid.

I don have to worry about her. Of course, I asked her if she wanted to leave but I never saw her agreeing to my demands.

Its not like I was restraining her to leave. Hell, I would never touch a woman without her consent. It was just her choice that made me glad for some reason.

Although I didn show it on my face, Im grateful that she was still beside me, guarding me and protecting me when she can even fight.

/Still, her cooking sucks./

I think I could agree with this. On the last sentence, I mean.

The moment I got back from my lookout at the vaults, I walk towards the whole kingdom, seeing the views and places on it.

After I was done, I proceed to my room and began to read notes that the prince had left.

It was a funny note, to be honest, that revolves around Taurel. It seems that the prince knew what her weakness is which is the first thing I knew right after I came into this world.

”Pheww… ”

Bringing down the notebook onto the table, I let out a sigh from my mouth as I lay my back on the chair, thinking about the things I have to do in the future while thinking about the present.

Funnily enough, it seems my transmigration didn really affect me that much. I wasn happy or sad. I think everything that had happened to me is what they called the natural occurrences.

Looking at the window outside, I saw the moon was shining as ever.

We have a common tongue. I could understand their language and they could understand mine. Does my former world have something to do with my transmigration? But… thats weird. I think the ritual had only done that. Zarus had sacrificed himself, knowing the results.

I began to scratch my head in annoyance.

Argh, theres no need for me to think that world. And I would never wish to come back for it. So…

So I need to think about what I could do here.

First of all, the money of this kingdom.

I could say fully that we
e probably the poorest out of all. It seemed the prince didn how to handle money very well which I was good at.

And I have to fix it first.

Ive gathered information. There are many ways to earn money in this world and one thing was to get a job which the keeper was doing and Taurel was doing.

They earn money that came from the kingdom. Which came from me.

But, I wouldn be doing that. Theres no way a prince would work for someone and it wouldn enough to raise a kingdom into its ruins.

What does this body have that I could use?

I can help but look around as I thought of that thing.

What lies in my room are the same exotic things that I had seen the moment I woke up. They were shining and shimmering as if they were telling themselves that they were pure.

”Ah, ”

Looks like the problem of money had been solved. Its not much but I could start using these useless things as capital.

Now, for the second thing, it seems we
e lacking people.

They were a few guards in the castle that I don know if they could be trusted. They didn even greet me or even said a word when I passed them.

As if I was just a normal person passing by.

Being ignored was something I want as I wanted a peaceful life but it didn really suit for a kingdom even though its on a brink of collapse.

Of course, I could just ignore everything and fled to this kingdom right in this instant but this body didn want to.

Its not like Im being forced to. I just wanted to help this kingdom, knowing this prince had sacrificed enough, resulting in him his death.

”Sigh, I hope nothing happens while I was trying to rebuild this kingdom. After that, I think I will just explore this world and saw the views on them. Ah… what a peaceful goal. ”

To achieve that, I have to do this first.

”How do I find some good guards, though? Well, Ill solve that when that time comes. The money comes first. ”

Getting up from my chair, I proceed to take a bath for a moment and lie down on my bed as soon as I was dressed and clothed.

Covering myself with a blanket, leaving my head uncovered, I looked at the ceiling of my room.

I can but subconsciously smile.

”For a moment, I think this is my first time sleeping well. I was all awake for the past few days and having a good time sleep is sure rewarding. ”

Is sleeping that fun? They say it is as it can relax your mind.

I never had this when I was a demon king. So much chaos going on and sleeping is the least you could do as your life is in danger every moment.

With such an exciting feeling, I began to close my eyes and rest.

Damn, this sure is fun.

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