before he continued, ”Yeah, something definitely change. I think it is the way you spoke. You seem confident which is different from the last time I saw you. ”

”… ”

He paused, ”Also, the way you stand and walk seems really different. Your back is always slumping which is different now, seeing that you are straight. I know it is weird for me to say this but why I say it? ”

”Care to tell why? ”

Poliver smiled lightly as he replied, ”Youve changed. And Im surprised about it. That is why. ”

”… ”

This guy…

”Changed, you say. ”

This guy is good.

”Indeed I am. ”

”… ”

Poliver turned silent.

We watched each others eyes for a few seconds without us not returning a word.

Its not like we
e giving death glares to each other. It was more like an acknowledgment which who knows what it is.

But it is that sort of feeling we are having.

”Kuhum, you two are shaking your hands far too long. Maybe you guys could stop? ” Ned said as he watches with a questioning face.

The moment Ned said so, we removed our hands as a result. Moving steps back, we began to sit on the available chairs at the table.

”Are you sure you wanted your servant to listen to this meeting? ” Ned asked as he look at Taurel.

”You don need to worry. We can start. ”

”Hmm, all right. ” Ned answered respectfully before he replied, ”So what is this meeting all about? You just said in the letter that an important matter will have to be discussed. Then, what are these matters? ”

”I did sure to tell you that it is the matter that involves the kingdom, right? The kingdom we are currently living. ”

”What is it? ”

”The kingdom is almost on its downfall. I think it is beyond saving now but I could resolve everything if I have the resources. ”

”And calling us here has something to do with the solution you had in mind. ”

”Yes. ”

The two waited for me to speak, looking in my direction with curious gazes. As if they were expecting something from me which is kind of surprising.

I can help but think about Zaruss opinion about these two people at the council meeting.

”I want everything sold from this castle. ”

”… ”

”Everything that would be invaluable to me. Those good-looking glass, chandeliers, expensive clothes, and pieces of stuff. I want them sold to the people who wanted them the most. ”

”Its… ”

”Yes. Its basically selling everything this castle had. ”

Ned can help but put a frown on his face as he voiced out, ”Are you sure you wanted to do this, Zarus? Everything your family and their family before that had built would be… sold off. ”

It wasn mine in the first place so who would care?

With that thought in mind, I answered, ”I know this is a risky scheme but gambling at this time where the kingdom is almost collapsing, its either win or lose it all. ”

Pausing, I looked at Ned, ”You said that you are a rich man, right? I want you to give me at least a place where the sale will be held. Hmm, an auction if you say it. ”

”How about just ask money to me? I told you every time that I am your fathers friend. Theres no need to be indebted about everything when Im serving the child of a friend, who is now a king. ” Ned replied.

”My decision is final. ”

Flatly answering Ned, I looked at the other person in the council and said, ”How about you? I didn know whats your specialty. May I ask what is it? ”

Poliver smiled lightly and answered, ”I have many connections. ”

That would be enough.

”Thats great. I think that would be perfect for this time. ”

”As you wish. I know what will be my job here. ”

”Good. That would be all for this meeting. ”

I was also planning on doing many things today but the important one is already done. With this meeting coming to an end, the three of us bid farewell to each other.

Ned first left the room with Poliver being the second and I was only alone in the room with Taurel on my side.

”What would you like to eat, your Majesty? ”

”Kuhum, when we
e alone, just call also call me Zarus. I wouldn want to hear excuses from you about it being called disrespectful. I think it is started to annoy me, ”

”Well… if you say so your—Kuhum, Zarus. ”

”Thats good. Hmm, just buy something on the outside. ”

”Ok, Ill be leaving then, ”

”Make sure it is freshly cooked. ”

Taurel gives a slight nod before she began walking outside the room.

The moment the door closed, I lay my back on the chair while letting out a heavy sigh.

Picking up something from my pocket, I began to read the notes that the prince had left in the notebook he had given at Taurel.

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