When I first started playing, I had no other choice but to raise warriors.

The land I named Black Apple, was constantly attacked by demons, and I quickly learned that farmers were too weak and would be the first to die during invasions.

The crops Farmers grew were vital for the long-term survival and recovery of the other villagers tho.

There was no point in raising farmers only to get decimated. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It was only after raising a couple families of competent warriors that I grew the balls to raise a single farmer again, and that was Gonta.

Getting by was hard back then. But now, I could finally breathe… a max level farmer can make use of any land.

I hadn known then that the land I had chosen had soil that was hard to cultivate. Im not sure if its cursed or not, it would make sense seeing at how many times I got raided by demons…

Now lets bless Gonta with the knowledge of crop rotation, irrigation systems and Gaias Green Thumb and Heavens Grace.

Ah, every time we survive an invasion or send out villagers on a raid, drops are acquired and rewards are given from the heavens.

As an overseer managing the village I can bless my villagers with skills, equipment, and well… anything.

Gaias green thumb allows him to grow anything anywhere.

Heavens Grace, allows him to bless the land, making his crops edible, enhancing not only the usual taste but the long terms effects.

Gonta glowed as I showered him with blessings.

Now, that Ive taken the time to bless him I need to find him a wife…

Skills and knowledge were passed down if a blessed villager has children. I could already see it now, my village flourishing with crops and fruit trees! Gontas offspring wandering and tilling the land!

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