In this game, women were incredibly weak.

Scratch that, they
e pretty much useless.

The process to getting strong warriors was simple. I had useless women marry a strong man before she kicked the bucket, at first it worried me when girls were born but when a few grew up with the aptitude to become Mikos due to their Monk Father, I rejoiced.

So far there are three powerful families where the girls are strong enough and at times, I even find to be the MVPs keeping the village afloat.

They were my first three original demon-slaying families, or well er- the first surviving batch of villagers I started with.

Sitting in first place, the Mikos from the Heavenly Gushiken clan. Possessing the ability to exorcise, seal away demons and purify curses.

Second, the vicious fan-wielding women of the Hachisuka clan, I had blessed their ancestor with the ability to make magic paper on a whim, as I was broke, and was pleasantly surprised with what they did with it. The Hachisuka clan is a clan ruled by women, as men are outnumbered.

Third, the all-rounders, skilled at shooting arrows even while on horseback, unrivaled with the naginata, the men and women from the Bando clan.

Hmmm… I may have fudged up.

Aside from these main families, none of the women lasted long. So often times all the new blessings bestowed are given to the already existing ones…

Ah! I nearly forgot, theres also the up-and-coming twin family, Handa and Honda clans, originally founded by two twin boomerang-wielding brothers who didn like having the same last names and tweaked it to be different.

I didn think they would last long, they both sired daughters… lets see if they inherit their Fathers skills… we need a woman that can protect Gonta for the time being. Itd be nice if her children inherited the skill, this way the farmers will put up more of a fight during invasions…

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