How could I forget! My female gardener, the youngest daughter of the Hiraoka clan. She should marry this dude! Now that I remember them I should bless them a bit more… they did well in the last raid too…

Note to self, try not to neglect the new families.


I set the match and date!

Gonta and Sumire are now engaged!

Engagements take time, families have to meet up and discuss things.

I put my phone away and go back to studying.

As soon as school ended, I pulled out my phone to check up on their progress.


Gonta wasn at the residence meeting with the Hiraoka family but in the middle of a forest, butt naked… plowing into a green-skinned woman…

My mind went blank.

”Eh? ”

Whats happening right now? When… how?…. why?

The sounds effects were unusually realistic, out in the quiet forest there were no sheets to muffle such vulgar sounds.

As he came over and over inside the dryad, her skin became glossier and swollen and he the opposite. His skin became dry and wrinkled like a raisins his limbs thinner-

I watched, horrified and speechless.

What should I do?

I moved my stylus trying to pull him off but he only accelerated his thrusting, wrapping his legs around her torso.

It startled me. The harder I pulled, the faster his thrusts, his shimmering eyes dulling.

He shriveled up until he was unrecognizable, as he collapsed he looked like a dried piece of squid. He breathed his last breath.

[Gonta has perished.]

My jaw hung open.

Trying to pry him off was like trying to pull a pig away from its feeding. Simply Impossible!

Why didn he pull out? Don tell me the effects of the dryad were similar to a succubus?! Wait, aren they kind of the same thing?

I was at the crosswalk, but I felt so winded I had to squat down to catch my breath.

The dryad held her belly once it was over. Speaking to no one she promised to raise strong babies.

My blood began to boil, right when it finally got easy for me to finally farm, the demons retaliated? Just how did this happen? Why did he leave the safety of the land for the forest?!

Tears stung my eyes. Im back at square zero again! Screw this!

I nearly flung my phone across the street but stopped myself. But it was too easy, I still wanted to see my villagers.

Furious, I used my stylus and dragged the dryad to a volcano.

I was going to drop her when she promised that she would raise her babies never to devour humans.

How could I trust her words?

[Tachibana of the Autumn Dryads vowed to be good. Make her a resident of Black Apple?]


I banged my fist against the sidewalk and quickly regretted it.

The pain helped me to sober up.

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