If I killed her the blessing I bestowed would just become a waste.

Getting them could only be acquired in raids after all… the demons from which I acquired those drops were rather high in power levels as well. Who knows the next time I get any good drops?

I was reluctant to spare her. She needed to die.

I shook her around with my stylus furiously before dropping her only to catch her again at the last second.

Oh, wait!

I got something long ago, but at the time I didn know what it was for. Demon changing elixir.

I tried it on Tachibana and she became a human with mint green hair and honey-colored eyes. She weakly blinked and I dragged her back to Gontas land and dropped her there and made her a resident.

She collided into the ground and didn move for a while but I cared not.

I announced my new decree, that the children of Gonta would be crowned as the denizens of Black Apple.

Many clans complained and objected until the Mikos paid her a visit, perhaps due to the demon-changing elixir they could sense nothing evil from her. The complaints died down. Although the Gushiken frequently checked on her, she was left alone in the end.

The day Tachibana gave birth Black Apple was being attacked. Dryads and demons from the forest raided Black Apple, unfortunately they got to Tachibana, seeing everyones lack of response time…the other clans were hoping she would die huh? But she did not.

Seems like Tachibana had some relation to them. The Dryads talked to each other and finally left. There was a crow demon that refused to leave though, I watched him to see what he would do but he only relayed messages to and from the Dryads to Tachibana… so I bestowed him a ribbon, clans weren to touch him unless he attacked them.

By the time I came to I realize I was still at the crosswalk it had gotten late. I felt drained. What a nightmare.

The sun was setting.

On my walk back home, it began to rain, I started to run only to slip and slide, I tried to regain my balance which I did, but I couldn control my course, my foot got stuck in the sewer hole as I slid which just happened to be loose and…

I died.

Or at least, I think I did.

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