The day of the Countrys Council Summons (CCS) was drawing near.

In the study of the Fief Lords ”Seed ” territory, the Lord gazed out his window that beheld the Moto Family residence, his gaze in particular was fixated on an isolated tower.

He recalled the image of a young girl gazing out the window, she slowly turned around at the sight of him, tears streaming down her face. Her swollen red eyes looked dead inside, it was as if she couldn see him at all.

It had been half a month since she finally woke up, but he couldn even rejoice.

”How is she? ”

Behind him, a servant lowered himself as he spoke.

”She has finally begun to eat something milord. ”

The sound of an exhale could be heard and when the servant snuck a peak, the man was nodding to himself.

Upon being excused the servant sighed.

When the youngest child of the Lord had been brought back home unconscious, the whole household was on edge. Try as he might to mask it, he was also affected, that man.

Why hide it?

And now that shes finally awake why not visit her?

The servant heaved a sigh as he continued down the hall.

It was a long-distance to walk all the way to the round tower.

A building that had been built incorrectly due to miscommunication with the contractors, the youngest child of the Lord fell in love with it and convinced the adults to let her have it.

No one could say no to the child, not when she had never asked for anything before since the death of Lady Yuika.

A place all to herself.

One might think she was banished there or was scorned by her family, as all her other family members resided in the main house. But the truth was the other way around. Ever since she recovered she returned to the tower and never showed her face again.

The servant sighed again.

”This family really knows how to make one needlessly worry. ”

He nodded at the guards, guarding the area, they returned his greeting.

When he entered the tower, what one saw immediately was a small art studio. Tools, paper, and paint were neatly organized on shelves the young miss referred to as ”cubbies ”- shelves carved in the wall. Unexpectedly it left her with more space overall and even served as stairs leading up.

The servant lifted his gaze to the stairs that lead directly up to her bed chambers and sighed once more.

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