Everything went blank from there.

As I lied there staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, with my head pounding like crazy and my body sweating bullets enough to make the whole bed wet.

The memories of my current self overlapped within me.

The memories of my current self, a thirteen-year-old Himiko Moto. Up till that point I lived without any recollection of who or what I was.

Now it felt I was re-evaluating her memories with objective eyes.

But within me, I knew that this was also right. Thats why I can now certainly say this since Im certain.

This world is Black Apple. My Black Apple.

A lot of time has passed since then, during the time that I was born at least five generations have passed, new generations came and joined the fray.

My babies… were all dead already. The moment I realized it, I felt so depressed. What point was there in living? All that progress lost and for what?

I don know if I should be happy knowing their line was continued or not, but I still had some attachment so I felt so disappointed I was willing to die again.

While I was away, Black Apple became the first residence where humans and demons could coincide in peace, aside from Tachibanas family, there were more demons that came and were converted like the Tachibanas.

There was the black crow clan, the Kurosakis. It was founded by the black crow that visited the dryads and Tachibana.

The Honda and some of the Gushiken women mixed with the Tachibanas from marriage as well. Which is unexpected and concerning. It seems some of the clans split because of this. As they should.

Humans and Demons coexisting… well, they call it that, but the moment these demons are granted residence they cease being demons. I really do wish they didn call it that.

I don know how the demon-changing elixir works but Im sure that at the very least they just became humans with mutant powers… though… I wonder how those demons were able to be converted in my absence? Were they still in fact demons and Im just assuming they were converted or are the Tachibanas the only true human mutants?

I can imagine the Gushiken clan standing by and letting that happen. They had to have checked right?!

It worried me.

Was my Black Apple truly sullied by demons in the end?

As for the last families, there was the thunder demon dog clan known as the Akira clan and a water snake demon family founded by three triplet demons known as the Miura.

And as much as it disgusts me, an Uncle of this vessel married into the clan. I was also very close to one of my cousins, an offspring of those demons. To think of all the times I would chase after that glittery silver hair makes me really want to go bury myself.

Haaah…what should I do now-


The doors to my room flew open, startling me.

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