A 15-year-old boy was walking towards his house. He saw strange peace in the house, so instead of going through the front door, he decided to go through the back door. The lights of the house were on but he did not notice any special movement. Although it was twilight in the evening, the light always turned on early in his house and there was light everywhere because his mother used to say that as soon as it was evening. Lights should be turned on so that the gods come to know that people live in this house. Everything was quiet in his house. There was no sound. While at this time the grandparents were sitting outside in the garden and talking laughingly, someone was watching the news, talking. But it looked like this. He entered very slowly through the door without a sound. He didn see any. When he reached near the parlor, suddenly something hit his leg and when he looked at that thing, his senses were blown away. He felt as if the ground had slipped under his feet.His father was lying there, covered in blood. He first retreated in panic, then went closer to them, shaking his father loudly, started asking

”Dad, get up, what happened to you? ”

He saw his pulse but his hands were trembling with fear, so the pulse could not be caught properly. He immediately called his mother, his sister and his brothers. But no one listened. He had two twin brothers and one elder sister. When he ran to the kitchen, his hand collided with something in the kitchen. It was some kind of acid due to which his right hand got burnt and due to some sharp tool there was also a wound there. He groaned in pain but he quickly tried to find his mother. But while going to the kitchen, he slipped and fell from something. When he looked down, his mothers body was a

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