After a gap of time, this nightmare starts coming again and again where he has to see the death of his family again and again. He did not know that when he would be able to escape from all this, he got up and kept water from the jug close by and quickly poured it on his face and then drank in one go. After drinking water, he got some relief and spread his hands and lay down on the bed. Elliot has now created a separate empire of his own. From that day onward, he had come to understand that there is no good in the world and neither do people believe in honesty and justice. So since then he converted himself into a bad person. He is a famous gangster of the city Greystone and everyone knows him. People are afraid of his name because he is very ruthless and cruel. He had started many illegal businesses from this business, but finally he has opened a company to clean all his black money.

Amyra Real Estate

In which he buys and sells land. But it is said that the habit of the person does not go away. For this reason, who does not pay the price on time to him, who try to cheat in this also, he grabs their land. He was never bad at heart but that incident had made him such that he could not even think of doing good to anyone. He trusts only a few people and never shares anything with anyone other than them. He has created a lot of wealth on the basis of his judgment or black money. He has a lot of money but no one to spend it. He lives with very little and minimum things. It had become his daily routine that he wakes up in the morning, gets ready after taking a bath, goes to his real estate office and sits in his cabin. There they complete the work related to that company and their business. He sometimes eats food in the afternoon and then goes straight home after eating food and goes to sleep. He prefers to call that place not his home but his house because there is no one worthy of being called home there. It was only his movable property which he used only for name sake. He had built this big bungalow around which he had built gardens, etc., but he never bothered to plant flowers and plants etc. It had grass in it just for the name sake and some were a big tree. The bungalow was quite big but in that big bungalow apart from Elliot there was a cook, two maids and driver besides a servant who used to look after the house. Apart from this, he had also hired a gardener who comes every two days and trims the garden a little. Apart from this, there was only Hashmi who lived in his house. Hashmi is Elliots right hand and he has fully supported him in every illegal legal work. Like him, he was also a victim of a terrible crime.

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