Haven left in the bus. After a while Ram came there and apologizing to Elliot , he quickly made him sit in the car and then they reached home. As usual, Elliot went to his room after having dinner and slept, he had some idea that he would have the same dream of his family again today. This was not the first time so he went and lay down on the bed. His mind once turned towards Haven. She spoke to him without fear or care about who he was in reality. If seen in the true sense, Elliot was waiting for someone who is not aware of his identity or does not know him and meets him like a common man. Somewhere this thing definitely came in his mind.

”Ok. Haven is a little different from everyone else. ”

Thinking all this, he started thinking about his family and then went to sleep. Shortly after sleeping, he again remembered the day of his familys accident. Where earlier everything was going very well, suddenly the scene changes and he has to see everyones dead body. Then he saw a girl who was completely clumsy.

It is said opposite attracts. Perhaps for this reason Elliot had seen Haven in his dream, which is quite the opposite of him. She seems to be a happy-go-lucky girl who lives every moment. An interest arose in his mind for Haven.

The next day he went to his work as usual. After the completion of the work, Elliot did not know what to think instead of going to the parking lot, he came and stood where he was standing yesterday. Where he had found Haven yesterday. The strange thing was that for the first time he remembered the name of someone other than his close ones. She was the first one whose actions Elliot did not do anything with her, despite not liking it. Either he wasn interested or didn want to kill her. He was standing there. Elliot got a phone call .

”Can walk by seeing… ”

He heard Havens voice again. Although her voice cannot be said to be very good, but she had a different kind of quirk which was enough to attract anyone towards her. She acts like a child, but she had a different vibe. Haven came and stood near Elliot. She started narrating the story of her whole day to Elliot without taking any reaction. Elliot did not know this or maybe no one knew about this, Haven was very much attracted to Elliot during the first meeting itself. She could not stop herself from thinking about him. His charming face, his light beard, the eternally silent eyes that seem to hide many secrets inside him, his thick black hair, which once made the desire to run her hand.

When Haven reached her home the previous day, Mayaji and Baba welcomed her. Those people were preparing to cook food. Often this had become a kind of custom. To help Mayaji, her son, her daughter or her husband used to help her in the kitchen. It started when once Mayajis health had deteriorated and she stumbled and fell in the kitchen. Since then the whole family was always ready to help him.

”how did your day go? ”

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