”How are you? How are you doing? Great… Im fine. ”

Haven still looked like yesterday. Only the clothes were in a little change. The rest was exactly the same as it was the previous day. Haven, pointing to the building in front of Elliot, said

”Look at the building in front. Here is my office on the fourth floor. Andean Editors. Although the work is not fun but it is OK. ”

With this, Haven again started taking out her days anger in front of Elliot. Elliot could not understand how Haven could be so comfortable in front of him. Till now, any girl who used to come near him came either for profit or after being fully aware of his identity. But Haven was the first one who had come to him knowingly or perhaps she knew him but was showing that she did not know anything about him. Well, whatever it may be, she neither seemed scared nor panicked, she might not have known about his real identity. In this way for two to three days, they started meeting by chance. Actually, there is some hand of Ram in this too. Ram had seen while leaving the next day that Elliot was standing with Haven. The expression on his face was slightly irritated but still he was tolerating it. This means that there may be a new knock in his life, which may be good, so he intentionally leaves late or sometimes goes to drink tea at the nearby cafe. So that Elliot will have to stand outside from where the bus stand is nearby and then Haven will be able to meet him. Similarly, Elliot was standing on the fourth day as well. He was a little upset because he had to go home early. He had some work to do and had to talk to Hashmi about something important. Then he heard a chirping sound. He rolled his eyes in his mind because his consciousness was telling what was about to happen now.

”Not today… ”

Haven came to him shaking hands

”Hi! how are you? Oh wow! How do you look so good to others? You know I feel very strong. I am very lazy. Who should do it, who should be ready and what to be ready anyway, we will remain as we are. If suppose we have become good from the front and then later something else happens from behind. People will feel that we are hypocrites and it is better to be a hypocrite than to be a good person in front of us. Just like we have our strengths and flaws. Will be seen together. Well, let me tell you a strange story. You know if we have a Reva then…. ”

Saying this, Haven took out a chocolate from her bag. She very cunningly removed the wrapper and started narrating anecdotes while eating chocolates

”Yes… know that Reva is our boss… I told you… Listen, she gives us work, what do we have to add, but is she having an affair with a boy named Shelby. Are you sure… it can happen.. so what happened he gave me work. This thing has nothing to do with that matter, still I am telling. Shall we sit and talk? Feet are hurting. Come. ”

Having said this, he tried to pull Elliot by the hand where the bench was, but Elliot did not move at all from his place.

”So you want to stand and talk… well… no problem.. ”

She started narrating her tales related to Reva and started blaming her boss in front of Elliot. Elliot was looking at her in surprise.

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