o speak in way in which I can understand. And I don think that you are going to miss your train that you are speaking so fast and I ain Sana that I can understand in whatever speed you say. ” Veer said and I smacked his head playfully.

”I got selected for NDA. ” Karan said looking everywhere except Veer. He was silent for a while.

”I am so proud of you my boy. ” Veer said and hugged Karan in a brotherly embrace. I didn waste a minute and took a picture of them.

”Aww..!!! How cute. ” I said and they broke the hug.

”Karan I won ask you when and how you prepared for the exam and how you did your SSB, because I know you gave your best thats why you got selected. But you dumbass, idiot, stupid, nonsense you could have atleast said me that you wanted to join army. ” Veer said and playfully smacked Karans head.

”Bhai I was just scared of your reaction. I didn even say mom and dad about this. When the recommendation letter came home last week then only everyone got to know. Mom didn talk with me for 2 days. It was really hard for me to convince her. And after that I didn think twice and asked dad to book my tickets and he did so and I came here. ” Karan said.

”Well thats completely okay. Mom did the right thing. Jokes apart when are you joining the academy? ” Veer asked.

”3rd of next month. ” Karan said.

”Hm.. okay. Well then I ain letting you go from here before 30th of this month. ” Veer said in a joyous tone.

”I won mind teasing you along with bhabhi. ” Karan said and ran and Veer ran after him. Just boys things.


It was almost 11 pm when we 3 returned home. We had our dinner outside. I went to freshen up and after me Veer went. We both were sitting on our bed in each others embrace.

”Thank you Sana. ” He said out of the blue.

”For what. ” I asked.

”After many days I felt like I relived my childhood. Remember in our childhood how you were used to annoy me always. ” He said and I smiled.

”After so many days am happy. I agree what you did could bring pimples on my face and also I may go bald after that colour spray thing but whatever it is I was genuinely happy. ” He said with a smile.

”Well those colour sprays are not hazardous so you won go bald. And about making you happy then I can do that everyday and night. ” I said and winked.

”Good one, but be prepared I will take my revenge soon, like I used to do when we were kids. ” He said and winked me back.

”I still remember the day when you got a good beating from Mom for spoiling my favourite dress and breaking the edges of my heels. Because of you I wasn able to go to Rishabhs birthday party that day. ” I said faking anger.

”Ofcourse. It was my birthday also that day and instead of talking and playing with me you wanted to go to that nerdy rishabhs birthday party. So I just found my ways to not let you go. Simple. ” He said.

”Whatever it was but you were always jealous of that rishabh. ” I said with a smirk.

”Why would I be jealous of that nerd? God such a creepy guy he was. ” He said in a annoying tone.

”And because of that creepy guy you fought with me for the first time and didn talk with me for whole 2 months. ” I said faking anger.

”That was because you were giving more attention to him and not me. So I just ignored you so that you realise my value. ” He said with a smirk.

”Whatever. But tell me honestly did you really threaten rishabh to stay away from me. ” I asked and raised my eye brow.

”Well..umm.. something like that you can say. ” He said and winked.

”Yaar.. we were in 10th STD at that time. God knows what would he have thought about me after that. ” I said.

”Very good..no very very good. You were worried about that idiot but not me. Remember you didn even apologize to me till today. ” He said faking anger.

”Okay na sorry. I would be the first person in the world who is apologizing to his husband that too for a matter that happened almost 8 years back. ” I said and made a annoying face.

”Well you are forgiven. But I think rishabh had a crush on you. ” He said.

”Not just mere crush but something more than that. ” I said with a smirk.

”What? ” He asked me amused.

”Umm.. actually he proposed me and not only that he asked me for a date. ” I said.

”What? Are you serious? What did you answer him then? ” He asked in one go.

”Well at first I was about to say yes, but then your thought crossed my mind. I thought if I would say yes to him, then you wouldn think twice before killing him and I never wanted you to end up in jail. So only because of you I denied him politely. ” I said and winked.

”I would have killed that nerd for sure. ” He said faking anger.

We talked for some more time and drifted into deep slumber in each others embrace. Although he didn had any feelings for me as of now but he was trying his best and one day he will surely fall in love with me.


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