Im writing this for the tiny niche of people who enjoy Finance and Fantasy!

”Hello guest ”, a soft gentle whisper, caressed my ear. The white mist hid the source of the voice as though hes right behind me. I turn around to see, nothing, but a fleeting shadow scurrying away in the white mist.

”Trust me, you won find me. You wouldn want to ” His gentle voice reached out again, like the call of the sirens voice. A soft singing voice, like a passing wind.

”I know what you want. The voice called out to me. The voice changed the mist, the mist became darker, like the dawning sunlight. Colors began swimming inside the misty void, a blue, a green, a nostalgic smell filled the room, the colors began moving again, gaining outlines and detail.

The sun began to shine, as shades began to form, it was a field. A grass field on the cliffside. The mist began to unravel, like I was putting on my glasses and I took off my ear muffs.

I heard the soft sounds of the ocean sea, the sweet scent of salt that mixed with the fish. The gawking of sea birds, the sound of waves crashed on the rocks, the soft wind coming over the cliffside. It was beautiful.

For a moment I looked down, I saw my watch ,the watch I missed. The dress I was wearing, one that I missed. One that felt nostalgic to me. I was back.

The mist appeared again, right next to me, a pair of red eyes appeared. ”I can give it to you. I can bring you back ”

A gloved hand came out to me. It was veiled in an astral sheet, like the stars were contained in this delicate hand. In the middle was a supernova, a bright yellow sun. The jewels on the hand slowly rotated around the sun.

”Take my hand, if you miss your family. If you want to come back. If you want to stop fighting, If you want a place where you can rest. Where you don need to fight anymore. A place where you can always live the peaceful life you were meant to live. Where you aren anyones tool anymore. Where you can have your own freedom. Where you can be happy. A life meant for you ”

Its been 3 years since Ive reincarnated in another world.

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