”Charlotte De Abrigo, Did you get anything? ”

”Im getting an image, its a place called E-rath? ”

”E-rath? ” I placed her head down onto the pillow she was sleeping on. ”Ive always wondered but what does E-rath mean? ”

”Apparently it means Ground or Terrain in their language ”

I looked towards the marbled floors underneath me, ”I guess that makes more sense. Any results on the resources of the planet? ”

”Primarily their main resource is the technology and innovation that utilizes physical laws. Their tangible goods of energy relies heavily on the thermodynamic sector, and the Kinetic Motion with some developments in Nuclear energy. ”

I adjusted my tie and straightened my suit, ”And the intangibles? ”

”Their intangibles come from their technological and innovative ideas and they seem to be in an information revolution. ”

”Information Revolution? Tell me more ”

”Theyve developed a new way to convey information to each other which is why a single humans achievements can be utilized and spread through the entire race. ”

I looked over Charlotte, with her dainty little black wings, that were as dark as ash, and the tiny horns on her head, her scaly fingers looked like claws of a dragon but the cute dainty appearance of an innocent maid she looked like a human with demonized features with cracked ashen skin where the demon side met the human side. On her face sat a pair of wide glasses making her look adorable.

I peaked at the 3D hologram that was being used to show us what August was dreaming about.

That was the human we found from another planet.

She was in a dream that used her memories as the fuel, paired with a few other humans weve also found on Earth to play a movie.

It was the most useful data extraction process, but she can realize any inconsistencies inside the dream or shell wake up, thus the seduction. Making it believable with her memories.

She continued from high school and entered college studying filmography.

She appeared to continue her work as a wild-life photographer for a company called National Geographic Wild.

I frowned, I was hoping we got someone important this time. Someone who would give us key information about their systems.


The door opened behind us, heavy footsteps drummed against the marble floor..

I turned around to see another handsome devil in a white suit, paired with ashen flakes sporadically spread through the white suit.

”Mammon ” I cried out holding my arms out.

”Belphegor! ” He matched my excitement by embracing my hug.

”What brings you here? ” ”

”Well I have good news ”

” ”If its good enough Ill take you out for drinks ” I hung my hand around his head.

”You better treat me to a 5 star dinner for this kind of news ”

”It better be good! ” I Laughed

”Well ” he looked around, even if only Charlotte was the other one in the room, ”The last person I seduced, he was a financier and a knowledge addict from Earth ”

My ears perked up, ”Tell me more ”

”Treat me to dinner first ”

We both smiled, ”Of course, news like this deserves a great celebration. We finally have the underlyings of their society in our grasp ”

”Itll only be a matter of time before we can infiltrate their planet. ”

I nodded, ”Indeed, only a matter of time ”

I looked behind me, ”Charlotte, can you finish processing all of the data we get from her? ”

She nodded, ”Shall I dispose of her once she wakes up? ”

I put my hand to my chin, ”Keep her in stasis, we may not know when we need her. ”

”Understood ”

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