”Mammon ” I nudged the dude. Mammon and I were part of the current Empires Essential Coalition.

I controlled all of the financial markets, Mammon controlled all the logistics of the Dimensional Portals.

There are 5 more people that led the Emperors Coalition, the people who were necessary to overthrow the Emperor.

Lucifer who controlled the Courts.

Asmodeus who controlled the Underground/Black Markets.

Leviathan who controlled the Infrastructure.

Beelzebub who controlled the Food/Medicine.

Diablo who controlled the Military.

Mammon who controlled the Dimensional Gates.

I, Belphegor who controlled the Financial Markets.

And finally, the Sovereign of Inkosyth, Emperor Mephistopheles

Thats our boss!

”Hnggg ” Mammon Groaned. ”Whos waking me up, Who has the balls to wake me up ”

”I do ”

”Lucifer? No, your voice is too soft to be his, Leviathan? Beelzebub? ”

”Its Belphegor you moron ”

”Belphegor! ” He opened his eyes, ”Ahh its good to see you. The day has just started, Im barely awake, What brings you here good friend? ”

I took a cup of liquor from his cupboard and began to pour him a cup. Handing it to him I said, ”Don you remember why we celebrated last night? ”

”Ah yes the financier ” He groaned, ”Im assuming you want to meet him? Ive got my assistant to prepare that for you ”

A thin lady with elvish features and slightly tanned dark skin appeared by the door. She had tiny silver hoops pierced through her ears, a necklace made out of delicate pearl bones, and gloves that were ashen gray. She had drooping whit hair that reached her chest and thin eyelids.

”Alyssa, please help Belphegor ” Mammon yelled out, half naked, with a cup of alcohol in his hand.

”Lord Belphegor, please follow me. ” Alyssa bowed, opening the door for me.

I stood up, and followed her through the door into the deep castle that Mammon owned. It was funded by the humongous amount of resources that travel through the Dimensional Gates everyday. Everywhere I see inside this castle its like a Chimera of every dimension.

Pelts that are only gained through certain animals in Dimensions, Minerals exclusive to dimensions. There wasn any theme to this randomness, the colors don match, neither do the decorations on the wall.

Its like Mammon picked up something he liked, bought it, and hung it up on the way here.

No wait, he mightve actually done that. Thats entirely possible if its him.

I can see him saying, ”I like this pelt ”, beat up the beast, carried the entire thing home, and then put it up on the way to his room.

I don want to imagine it anymore.

Wait, did he do the same thing with Alyssa?

No. Surely not. Ive seen Alyssa many times before.

I kept walking down the hall of bizarre collections, it seems that the wall gets more cramped each time I see it.

Alyssa led me down the hall and into the elevator. Once we got out the air became humid and my vision was filled with rows upon rows of specimens floating in green tanks, resting sleepily.

In the middle of the room on a stone table laid a person who had tubes stuck to him. He was sleeping while a soft hologram placed above his head.

It showed him, in a building, working, boringly.

”How boring, ” I whispered.

Alyssa waited by the elevators door holding them open.

I placed my palm on his forehead and closed my eyes.

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