Its the same work again.

Same as Yesterday, and the day before.

Its the same work.

I have to make money though.

I need to provide for myself, I can stop it. Everyone else is doing the same thing.

I look outside my window, sighing.

Once I save up enough Ill do something. I just need to work to gain enough money first.

Its not too bad. There is stability, there isn much chaos.

Its peaceful. You know?


An Email Popped up on my screen.

[Meeting with Boss 9:15AM]

Ugh. Maybe itll be just a little check in?

I walked over to my Bosses office.

I saw his secretary by his office doors.

”Hell be right with you, ” she said.

I nodded my head and sat down on the couch.

A few minutes passed.

”Jeremy, Hes ready to see you ”

I felt my heart pounding. Its never nice having your boss tell you to come to his office without knowing what its about.

”Is it good news or bad news? ” I asked the secretary.

”I saw him smiling the last time I saw him, ” the secretary responded. She was an old woman in her 40s with traces of white hair.

I opened the door, and walked in. The bosss office was high up, with a large office desk and him behind it.

I took a peek at him. An old guy in his 50s I heard he was in the company ever since it was only 20 people. He was bald, with the shine like a bowling ball on the top of his forehead. He had wrinkly eyes, and a slight smile. He was laying back in his chair and he had a pudgy shape to him.

But today he looked young. His eyes had a slight mischievousness behind them but eager excitement was laced in his smile.

”Welcome Jeremy. ” He spoke before I could sit down.

I sat down.

”Im here to commend you on your work. Our clients said that they
e very glad with the work youve put in ”

I smiled. It feels good to be praised for your work.

I opened my mouth but he raised his hand, pausing my speech in its tracks.

”Because of how well of a job youve done, I want to know if you
e up for a more unconventional task. If you prove yourself I may consider you to be the next partner ”


I screamed in my mind.

That was the one thing everyone in this firm was going after.

Once you became a partner you could work for less time. You earn just as much money, and you gain a share of the companys profits!! It was the final stage on the promotion ladder.

I nodded my head. ”Ill do it ” I said preemptively.

”Hahahahha ” a laugh exploded inside the room. ”I haven even told you what the task was, but I like the excitement Im seeing. There is a new international client from Nigeria. He wants to know how our financial system works. After seeing the care youve put into your work I want to recommend you for this job. Are you ready to take this opportunity? ”

”Yes sir, I am. ” I nodded once again, ”When will the client be here? ”

”Today! ” He yelped, ”3 Hours from Now! You
e exempt from all your work for the rest of the day. Youll meet him in a 3-Star Michelin Restaurant, Don worry thats a business expense. Use the 3 Hours to Study as much about him as you can, or prepare notes about what you want to talk about ”

My jaw dropped to the floor. ”3-3 Hours? ”

My boss nodded his head.

”Like One, Two…. ”

”Three, yes that Three. ”

”I-I-I-A- ”

”So you can do it? ”

”N-No I can do it. ”

”Great! Remember its for a chance at being Partner ”

”Yes you can trust me with this ”

I hurried out of my room as the secretary gave me a file. It was the Nigerian Delegates Name and History.

I peeked inside the file before realizing his title, ”Minister of Finance ”


I peeked to my bosses office swearing at him and praising him for such an opportunity, but mainly cursing him.



I am not ready for this kind of pressure. This is far too much pressure, Im about to drown under the pressure and in three hours?! I need to get him a gift first. Oh my God.

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