I woke back up.

The humid smell entered my nose. I blinked my eyes several times.

I snapped my fingers, and a book appeared in my hand.

”Alyssa, tell me something I don know ” It was a standard check to see if I was still in a dream. I asked someone for information I don have.

Alyssa was shocked, ”I-Iuh-I have a-a pet, I like the color teal. In my spare time I read about cooking. I want to read to Lord Mammon one day. Ahh Forget the last one please ”

”….The silence is deafening ” I softly muttered. HAHAHA I had to tease her! I had to! I just had to!

Alyssa was shocked. ”Please don tell him that!!! ”

”Ahh, but if Mammon finds out that I knew about this but I didn tell him ” I gave her the most dejected look I can muster, ”I don dare to imagine what hell do to me ”

She was quivering, ”T-Then what can we do! ”

”Hehehehe ” I giggled at first, ”Don worry about it Alyssa, Im just teasing you. Mammon won care although I must say hell tease you forever if he finds out about it ”

I walked into the elevator with Alyssa following behind, red flushed on her face.

It made her dark tanned skin look like magma was boiling underneath it. Im shameless enough as it is, but even so, I must say I enjoyed seeing her flushed like this.

”Lets go back up, I need to talk some more with Mammon ” Alyssa nodded, turning back into her professional stature. Her ice-cold expressions returned to her face.

”Of course Lord Belphegor. ”


”Mammon! ”

”Lord Mammon is not currently here. ” A maid walked out of the door.

”Where did that goof go? ”

”Lord Mammon said he was going to the auction house ”

”Which one? ”

”I believe it was Lady Liliths Auction House ”

”Thank you ”

I snapped my fingers, a portal of white mellow flames appeared. It burnt like the snow was on fire. I walked through, appearing in front of another castle. It was an upside down castle of ivory, with people walking through the princesses tower.

In reality it was more akin to a colosseum or an opera house.

It was mainly used for auctions but it can be rented out for plays, operas, or game shows, the only thing that was necessary was that it was reserved for the high-class.

A butler approached me and bowed his head, ”I Welcome Lord Belphegor ”

I nodded lightly. There was etiquette to these things.

”How can we help you today, Lord Belphegor? ”

”Have you seen Mammon? ”

”Yes, Lord Mammon was recently here ”

”Then lead me to him ”

”Yes, Of Course. ” He nodded, and stood back up. He walked towards the entrance as I followed him.

He led me to a purple room, high up. A suite exclusive to the VIP of VIPs.

Velvet Wallpaper that came from the Tyndur Dimension, a Dimension with high quality resources but very difficult manufacturing procedures. Thats what causes it to have such a high value, as well as the softness that was unique to their velvet.

We walked past all the rooms, until we arrived at a door with the embellished name, ”Lord Mammon ” on it.

Wow he really is dedicated to collecting things. I guess its how he gets all those bizarre collections in his house.

The butler left after nodding leaving me in front of the door. Perhaps it was policy to not knock?

I kinda want to ask him to knock on the door now.


I can though, thats my guilty pleasure.

I knocked on the door, ”Mammon, its me Belphegor ”

”Ahh Belphegor! Come in! ”

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