I opened the door and then a seductive voice came out. Her voice sounded like the soft caw of the dove, like shes telling you her deepest darkest secrets. She had a breathy intonation in her voice, as if she was exhausted or out of breath. It made her sound more seductive, and the way she spoke sounds like you
e her secret lover, whispering to you as if its something she only wanted you to know.. ”Belphegor~ You never contact me anymore. ”

I opened the door to an astounding beauty, Asmodeus, who controls the underground black markets.

”Asmodeus dear, I contacted you 14 days ago ” I interjected

”Yes but 14 days without you is far too long ” She giggled, ”You know Ive got a specific ring-tone for you. Its just reserved for you, no one else has it. Im still waiting to hear it~ ”

I smiled, because you see.

Asmodeus never lies, but she never tells the truth either. Shes more like a snake than an angel, shell be silent and seductive until she needs to strike. Like snakes though, they only strike when they feel threatened or when they need to eat so unless necessary shes very playful.

Shes playful like this, and by playful I mean shell play with your heart.

”I believe you have a specific ringtone for everybody ”

She smiled, her upper row of white teeth showing, ”Thats my smart boy ”

She peeked her head over the couch. I could see her surprisingly white skin, she had silky black hair mixed with thick gold hair that flowed down like a soft uninterrupted waterfall. There was more black hair than golden hair, as if the golden hairs were hiding in between the black hair. It was a strong gold, like the same kind of gold you would see in a bar of pure gold.

She had slightly amber eyes, and her teeth had two tiny fangs. Her skin was smooth and white like an albino snake, but she had subtle movements in her eyes, making her seem like shes in love with you but too shy to tell you.

There was a feeling of relaxation in her eyes, like shes a princess being chased down and she just saw her savior.

The same look a high-school girl would give to a crush she believes is out of her league. There was also a predators hunger in her eyes, but it was neatly hidden behind an impassioned emotion of bliss.

As if tempting you to play her game, like a beastly hunger being kept in, waiting for you to unleash it.

I wish I could say she was acting, shes always like this.

Shes also just as dense!! Shell have people professing their love to her at first sight, or have attendants that fall madly in love with her. Shell have waiters that write her their phone number, or even mafia bosses asking them to marry her.

Shell reject them all, then come to me afterwards and say, ”Oh why is everyone doing this? Im not even giving them any signs, its so annoying but I can say no directly. Maybe I should be intense in my look~ ”, then shell give this cute pouting look like you told your daughter she can have ice cream for the night, then you want to take care of her.

The worst part is that when she actually tries to flirt, shes absolutely horrible at it!

Shes just as single as Mammon and I, not because shes insanely busy like us but because she can flirt correctly.

I saw her this one time, right before a date. She looked stunning, absolutely gorgeous, like the stars above coalesced and descended right before me.

But she was so nervous that she couldn even go outside to meet him. Throughout that night I constantly heard her making excuses about why she can go out there, but in reality she was just nervous!

The night ended and her suitor never saw Asmodeus.

He thought that he was not rich enough, pretty enough, kind enough to even be graced by her presence.

If that was it, then it would still be manageable.

But the very next day, she was so distraught she hired her assistant to give the suitor a hand-written letter.

Inside it, the recipe to break a mans confidence, dignity and heart altogether.

The letter started with, ”It is clear to us who here is at fault. Clearly they are incapable of noticing the signals at hand and are such a fool. I pray that you will find a partner you deserve…. ”

Anyone who read the entire letter after being ghosted wouldve thought that they were the ones at fault and they were dense.

Then when he came back with even more gifts, he began perfusing an apology.

Asmodeus came out and cried, ”What the hell are you doing? You buffoon. You
e embarrassing me! ” She shut the door immediately because she was so shy and nervous.

The saddest part was that Asmodeus didn live in a secluded part of the Empire, she lived right in the middle with the rest of us!

The entire capital saw the entire fiasco, and then the infamous rumor began.

Stories began to emerge, why did the Crown Prince of the 4th Realm, Sicilo get rejected so hard in front of everyone.

They weren dating, perhaps, he was scandalous and asked for too much.

But I heard he has a noble character, it mustn be that.

I heard that his maids found a letter from Asmodeus that said that he was incomptent, and couldn pick up on the signals.

Perhaps he isn affluent enough.

Or Perhaps, she has a frozen heart. The Dowager of the Blood, Asmodeus was secretly icy cold to love!

Shell need the perfect suitor to melt her heart.

Only the most capable person will make her heart melt.

Stories like these emerged.

They even made a childhood story from it!

The Empress of Night, through her parents deaths, bore a frozen heart. Her heart broken before, she chose to close it off from the world.

The lands she ruled was icy and filled with snow, until the destined prince came along, with his charming wit, kindness and his humility, he charmed the Empress and began to thaw her frozen heart.

He became her husband, and she ruled the land with compassion once more.

Hahhahahahaha I can !

Shes just terrible at flirting!

How can someone who is naturally so seductive be so bad at flirting?

The story is further believed when many witnesses saw her rejecting multiple proposals from people.

In the restaurant, even knowing how powerful she is, some people will fight wars for love. Many in the presence of Asmodeus are even willing to risk death for a chance of love.

They began to write a poem after her.

~ A Hundred Thousand Suitors, yet Not a Lover Among Them.~

A Hundred Thousand Suitors Traveled the Lands

To Meet the Empress who held Beauty and Wealth in her Hand

Each Professed their Love, yet love never sparked,

For they saw her Money, but Never saw her Heart.

Hahahahah! Its too good!!

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