”Mrs light,you have a call from city hospital ”selenas assistant,faith voice sounded through the office intercom.

”What line? ”selena asked

”Line 3 maam ”

”Thank you ”she said and pressed line 3 knowing who the call is from.

Her Godfather.

”Hello? ”she said but instead of hearing the usual raspy voice,she heard a soft voice.

”Ms light? ”

”Speaking ”she said curtly

”Mr peterson has requested your presence,he doesn have much time left ”the woman said anxiously.

”Okay, Im on my way ”she said hastily. Her mind thinking of all sort of things that could have happened.

Selena stood up and straighten her black knee length pencil skirt and tucked in white silk blouse that was sleeveless.

She walked quickly,her black stilettoes clanking on the black marble tiles with each step she took.

”Faith? ”she called on her way out.

”Yes maam? ”her assistant said standing from her desk.

”Cancel all my meetings and appointments for today ”

”But maa- ”

”You heard what I just said ”selena said coldly,glaring at her.

”Yes maam ”

”Good ”she said and made her way to her private elevator.

She pressed the P button on the elevator that will take her to the underground parking lot.

Once the door ding signalling her arrival in the parking lot,she got out and with that her driver ”judge ” who had been waiting by the elevator quickly followed behind her.

”Good day madam ”

”Judge ”she said curtly then continue to say.

”I wouldn be needing your service for now. Go pick-up Finn and Ollie ”

”Yes maam ”

”Thanks judge ”she added after all her parents raised her well.

She pressed a button on her car key and a black Porsche beeped twice.

When she was sure the car was unlocked she slide in,hastily starting the engine and driving off.

*** *** *** ***

Harry king was in his office when he received a call from city hospital.

Now sitting down by his Godfather bedside,the door burst open and a familiar beautiful redhead walked in, rushing to his Godfathers side without noticing him.

”Godfather max,I came as soon as I heard ”

”Selena dear,am afraid I don have much time left ”Max said with a little cough

”Don say that old max ”she grumbled using the nickname he and selena usually called their Godfather.

”Theres not much time left Selena dear and Im happy I didn just spend my time on work only like some people ”Max said referring to Selena and Harry.

”Buuuttt you both can grant me one last wish ”he said after a moment of silence.

”Both? ”Selena asked confused for a moment.

”Harry. ”old max called only then did she notice the presence of two other men.

She scowled when she made eye contact with Harry who just smirked.

They both couldn stand each others presence and nobody knew the reason, nobody but old max.

He knew they were attracted to each other but both had huge ego and pride to admit it .

”Old max ”Harry said taking his other hand.

”You both should promise me youll do it ”Max said

”If it is to merge our company together as one then that will never happen ”Selena said.

Yes they were both successful business man and woman, both Billionaires and their faces were always plastered on magazines, newspapers and all social media networks.

”For once I agree with her ”Harry said with a scowl on his face directed at Selena who of course returned the scowl.

”No I promise it has nothing to do with either of you companies ”Max quickly broke the glaring contest.

”Then I promise ”Selena said.

”Promise ”Harry said.

Old max took a deep breath.

”Come in ” he said and both set of parents walked in with their mothers looking guilty, unlike their children they were friends, best friends at that.

”What are you guys doing here ”Selena voiced out in confusion.

”They are here for my last wish ”answered max.

”I want you both to get married ”he said and they visibly sighed in relief.

”Surely old max Ill get married someday. ”harry said the last part quietly which earned him a glare from his mother, Christana who had somehow heard what he said.

”To each other ” Max completed his wish.

It took them a moment to grasp his words but when they did…

”What??? ”Harry and Selena said in unison and glared at each other before focusing on old max again.

”Old max… ”They said together again.

”Shut the hell up ”Harry snapped.

”You shut the ** up ”Selena retorted.

”50$(dollar) in the swear jar ” Elle, Selenas mom said sternly.

Harry smiled smugly until his father added and his smile fell.

”You too young man ”christian his father said.

”The jar isn even here ”Harry said ”and we are not kids anymore you know ”

”That your **ing problem right now a stupid jar when we are talking about marriage ”Selena snapped.

”Listen to your mother Selena ”Elijah,Selenas dad said

”What the actual ** ”she growled clearly frustrated.

”Make it 150$ ”Old max said and Harry who had been trying to suppress his laughter burst out laughing.

Harry clutched his stomach as he laughed mockingly at an already irritated Selena.

He had purposely cursed first because he knew Selena would continue cursing if she said just one curse word.

At last he stop laughing and plastered a smirk on his face,wiping imaginary tears from his eyes.

”I can see you are enjoying yourself,you freak ”Selena seethed.

”Oh,Im definitely,you see I like riling you up for my entertainment ”

”You promised me Harry,Selena and that is my last wish,I would rest in peace if you grant me this last wish ”.

With that said Selenas mother moved to one side of max taking his hand she asked.

”How are you feeling today ”and that indicated the end of the conversation.

”Im fine,thank you dear ”he said to Ellie.

”Whatever ”Selena said storming out in fury.

Kicking a chair just outside the room.

Harry on the other hand saluted old max and waved goodbye to everyone before leaving as if something life changing didn just happen but on the inside he was shocked and surprised.

*** *** *** ***

Harry sat deep in thought swirling an amber colour liquid in his right hand.


The television was playing in the background,muted.

As Harry looked around his penthouse he realized this place was not safe to raise a son with that thought his Gods father voice echoes in his head.

A sudden burst of frustration surged through him,so he tilted his head back and downed the scotch and in a swift motion without thinking he flung the glass forward and it shattered when we it hit the marble tiled floor.

Almost immediately a child cries disturb the previous silent night.

Harry cursed when he heard his son cries in the upper level.

He storms upstairs and into his sons room,picking up the boy that instantly quiet down.

A thought came too his mind.

Selena had children.

The woman wasn the most pleasant person but he was sure she is a good mother.

His inner mind begin weighing the pros and cons,he didn notice the boy had fallen asleep.

Then he came to a final decision.

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