DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)

CHAPTER 10: We Really didn\'t ask, i\'m not lying!

*********************Akashi Gintarou********************

the school was as large as a city maybe a bit larger. The Plaza was the place most students gathered in their break time, it was a huge pentagon with multiple shops and vendors. It was situated in the middle of the school and had in the middle of it something called the curse fontaine, the three boys wondered why it was called like that but they brushed over it as they had other problems. the smell of the fountain water was incredibly strong and Akashi for some reason felt drawn to it.


normally they wouldve just apologized and tried to go away but they couldn back out now, they had helped this guy who looked a little effeminate he was probably as old as he was not wearing suspenders but looked as young as Shiki tho he was taller.Akashi tried to think of something to do but he did not now what to do in such a situation, normally it was Shiki who managed al that for some reason the kid new so much about that world it scared him but also relieved him. to be honest Akashi had always hated how Adam would jump in and act like a hero, the last few days they arrived in this world it hadn helped much.All the decisions he took were not great before but were just worse now, Akashi thought hed much rather follow Shiki who knew more about the world than Adam,only problem was that he took decisions so rationally it made him cold-hearted and Akashi knew that if it came down to the survival of him or whoever Shiki would manipulate into helping them, he wouldn choose the one he knew longer but the one who was most useful to whatever grand plan he had. but to begin with he had to alert Shiki to come.

– hey dude go look for Shiki Ryûu.he looked at the kid they helped but Adam talked first.

– No nit Shiki Ryûu go look for Ursula Karin.

-Ah- Akashi thought. even if he was quicker in his reaction Adam had made a better decision. Nobody knew their names while Karin seemed to be quite popular and even if people knew him Shiki probably wouldn come, It was a good opportunity for him to test who he was protecting till now.

the kid did not waste time and just straight up disappeared. instead of screaming the six guys in front of them just looked at the kid and gave the three boys a crooked smile as if to says – we can deal with him later- it seemed like a crowd was around them. the one leading the five was a blond guy with curly hair he was no taller than Akashi was but looked fiercer than any of the three. to sum it up quick. the six were bullying a kid around their age calling him a thief but Adam claimed he was looking at them and no such action as thievery happened, when he approached three of them pushed Adam and as a reflex Gin instantly jabbed on of them, a bulkier guy than the leader he had thick eyebrows and was wearing shades that were now cracked . All of them were wearing the schools uniform but a completely violet version of it as if they were special cases. The so called leader had a sword strapped around his waste, he was ready to unsheath any moment – A quick shot- Akashi thought, thinking further his skill/ power is probably relied to swordsmanship the raid haired teenager guessed.

– Look we don have to fight. Adam started but was interrupted in a matter of seconds.

– YOU . said the curly blond as if he was describing the lost disgusting thing he had ever seen. do not give Me orders.

he said every word separately as if boring the words into Adams head.

– you hit one of my friends here. he pointed at one the guyss broken nose. and expect us to back off?

– you pushed for no reason! . gin pleaded.

– you do not carelessly approach someone like that!

– none of this wouldve happened if you actually get off your pedestal and started to listen to what others said. Akashi was no Shiki in gis responses but he was good at pissing of people.

the guys just looked stunned and a white shining light was enveloping the guys ahead of them. – goddamn- akashi loathed people who did not try to hold a proper conversation and just jumped to fighting. Adam pushed Akashi who fell on Gin and just where he had been a second ago it seemed like a sword of light was stuck in the air.

– what happened to the no fighting eachother. akashi laughed nervously.

– what are you talking about ? the boy grumbled

that was a really bad situation only Adam had awaken said skills and Shiki who for some reason seemed to not understand what happened when he was fighting Compass. now they had to fight six people tht were beyond their original worlds understanding, and he kept feeling like the fountain was calling him but it seemed to bother no one else.he stretched out his hand toward the fountain and for a moment that seemed like eternity nothing happened and he felt stares for a moment he felt dumb. he wanted to put his hand in his pocket and act like it was all a joke but then he felt power rushing through his body – attack them- he thought and sure enough without any delay the water rushed out whatever gave water to the fountain gave five times more and rushed in power towards the six. but they expected something of the kind, as it was the first time he tried it took him a lot of time to actually exert his will on the water. An invisible shield formed and blocked most of the water but the pressure was high one guy attacked Gin who dodged the kick pretty easily but where the kick landed the ground shattered which made Akashis brother shiver a bit. but even if it was a momentary shock it was enough for another dude to hit Gin in the back Adam was busy fighting the curly boy so Gin and Akashi had to do. they were six Which meant two for each but of course they were not going to be divided equally .

They fought and they fought but obviously Akashi who just learned he could control water was lacking in power and Gin who still did not awaken any type of power was more of a inconvenience even if Akashi didn want to think about it.Adam had to come help multiple times even tho he had his own struggles keeping up with the swords of light.after a while they were surrounded back to backs – well we
e gonna get our asses kicked-

– ill beat you up so much youll which we could kill you.

– well that sounds fun.

Akashi replied pretty fast he sounded nervous but the boy clearly didn notice.


– NO IDEA !!

all of them looked at the sky and they couldn see much because if the sun and some bruises to the eyelids but the three didn need to see they heard two dumbasses arguing in the sky, no need to think about who that may be

*************************Shiki Ryûu**********************

Ursula Karin truly was a phenomenon. Truly i did not expect to be flying on a giant flying golden animal right now but lets take it back a few shall we?





As we continued to walk in the hallways it seemed the person who came running for ursulas aid had followed us but stopped talking noticing we would not involve ourselves.

– hey Shiki what did the kid eat up till not?

– Hm? oh yesterday he ate nothing today he..well ate nothing.

she looked at me as if she had expected that and let out a huge sigh.

– well the teacher gave you supplies for him right?

in the teachers lounge i made a mistake and confused myself, it seemed it was time i stopped trying to see every possibility when out of my safe zone i started having my soul in between the rifts. if Karin didn call me out i wouldve been in a bad spot. Not knowing the future was going to be dangerous but id manage. I also needed to help those helpless idiots tho id leave them to fight for a bit i knew thay wouldn last long.

– she didn add baby food as dumb as it sounds, she gave me something to carry him with free arms and a baby bottle but no milk in it.

– A kangaroo bag?

– yeah that and a bunch of other stuff in the baby bags but no food.

– well before rushing to save our friends lets go to the cafeteria im starving.

– aight.

– aight?

– its nothing lets go.

– huh excuse me. the other one said. its really urgent so if you could pleas.

i interrupted him.

– listen. is said. whats your name?

– kassandra,kassandra Khali.

– is khali your last name? .she nodded. so Kassandras your given name then?. she nodded again. Listen Kassandra ,can i call you Kassandra? i didn really wait for an answer and proceeded to continue. these guys that asked you to come are they fighting?

– w- well their about to!

i put my hand on her shoulder and looked her dead in the eye.

– you see not only did we not eat we also haven slept much so do you expect us to go help and then just fall from exhaustion?

– w-well no but.

– tsk tsk tsk shhhh you see i have a baby in my hands right? and he didn eat either so are you saying my kid should just starve because some idiots got themselves in trouble.


e fault they git in trouble? but you didn ask for any help now did you?

her face became pale and she stared at me not my eyes tho it seemed it was something only Karin did.

– How did.she spoke in a weak and low tone.

– does that really matter? and if it was your fault why are you asking for our help? before she could respond i continued. if you felt really responsible you wouldve helped thel right there and then and if you feel real bad youd want us to be in top performance to go ahead and help em.

she just stared blank at my face stunned struggling to find her words , i suppressed a smile that i suspect karin to have seen.

– from how i see it . i blurted. you can still prove you care, by giving us the time to go at our full performances and power, and maybe just .maybe i said. youd feel a little humanity and not rush us as we have to feed little Thessi,so what do you say?

She looked utterly defeated and just managed a weak.

– alright..I-ill wait at he south entrance.

She turned her heels and trotted back from where we cale from the complete opposite of the south entrance that was the direction to the girls bathroom. i turned towards the Karin.

-Well now shall we go? is said with a smile. she looked at me.. in the eyes but she had a disgusted look.

– you
e the worst.

– eeh~ why
e you suddenly saying that?

– you now why.

– ahaha don be so cold karin~, i mean i did nothing wrong or incredible that girls self esteem and courage seem pretty low if im being honest.

– uh huh.

something i didn understand with Karin was how shes lose balance the first time she looked me in the eyes but now, all of a sudden she could stare a them with no problem, even if i wanted to be happy about it something seemed fishy.But oh well i was goo hungry to think about that and just followed her.



The cafetaria was as large aif not larger than a highschool gymnasium apparently this was just the cafeteria of the main building, they were four cafetarias even tho most students just ate outside. the walls were a yellowish green with different patterns and drawings that seemed to tell a story. the painting on the wall was old i could see sauces piled up in certain spots. The modern tables almost made le think i teleported back to earth but the magic plates and cups and other ustensiles flying around drew me back to reality. the blue painted floor not equal in footing was kinda clean nothing i would sit on tho. The both of them sat down and Shiki found the place to be extremely quiet for a cafetaria harboring hundreds of teenagers,his newly given suspenders felt uncomfortable and Karin let out a sigh.

– Adopted .she said.

everyone let out a sigh of relief Karin stood back up and went toward the kitchen part of the cafeteria in there was a huge fridge in which she pulled out a tine gourd full of what seemed to be milk.

– Fire.

she said as she put the gourde down on the a table that seemed to have magically appeared near her. the thing seemed to almost explode because of the heat, then she took it as id nothing was wrong abd tried to feed Thessi.

– Don approach us with that thing.i said.

it seemed that even Theseus was looking at her like she was crazy.

– w-why?

– Karin its supposed to be the same temperature as his body why are you making it almost explode?

– i-i din know.

– so you
e to tell me you researched everything about babies…but not how much you should warm milk?

her faced seemed like it was melting.

– show me around. i said. since you made it way to warm we have time.

her eyes shined a bit and i just stood up and started walking i put Thessi in the kangaroo bag.

– lets go!

she screamed, i was almost already regretting it

**************************Ursula Karin*******************

She couldn believe it,Shiki was actually trying to comfort her.She thought to herself that maybe she could be great friends with him. She snapped her fingers and sandwiches appeared on their table. they picked them up and started heading towards the hallways again but via another door, it seemed the door they used to get to the cafetaria in the first place wasn a door,it was a wall Karin busted and the school just put some large door to make the hole in wall natural.-what can i show him first? theres way too much in this school-

She naturally drifted to her favourite place…well if you ignored the smell when next to the horses.

– O my god Karin,of all the places you couldve taken me to you chose this?

– ugh just wait you crybaby its just a little bit of walking.

He suddenly stopped walking looked at her and seemed to analyze around him. he looked at the green grass a bit dirtier at places and fences that mad it so the animals stayed away from the dirt made path. he looked at one of the 16 spaces and stared at the thirteenth,it was free of animals there was nothing. He looked at the giant hill in front of them and then looked back at Karin.

– im not walking up that hill. he said with a nervous yet sarcastic tone.

– oh come on be strong its just like an 8minute walk!

– yeah..for you maybe! but not me,nit when i have a baby tugged into a bag thats attached to me!

– Then just give me Thessi!

– Hell nah women you didn even know how you were supposed to heat up milk don even try holding my boy whilst walking up a hill.

– How come all of a sudden hes YOUR boy you didn even want him in the beginning now because hes useful in a situation you like him?

– Wow talk about Sherlock Holmes wouldve taken a real genius to figure that out.

– ur disgusting Shiki.

– i don Wanna hear it from you calamity.

She suddenly got chills, nobody called her that since the incident. How can a guy who barely knew anything just know that? no the more Karin thought about it the weirder it became ,this man was different from anyone she met till now. He was mysterious and a bit weird but he always knew what he was doing like he planned it,but beyond that there was something deeper something she only ever saw in Something dark.

– whatever.

She picked the young boy up in a princess carry and jumped to the top of the hill. as she landed softly she let Shiki come back to his senses and for some reason he seemed kind of down.

…… Shiki back in business….

i felt it..what every boy who lost to her mustve felt. my manliness was nowhere to be seen and it wasn like i had any to lose since i didn hit puberty yet. i got princess carried by that gorilla of a pride shattered,my existence denied,my..

– hey! .

i snapped back to reality and looked in front of me for a moment Karin was already walking ahead of me and then something caught my attention,the grass wasn green nor were the trees everything was bathed in gold.and at the edge of the cliff was a giant, magnificent majestic….goose.oh yeah and its golden.

only seeing its back i didn get why there was a giant animal at the edge of a cliff. when it turned around it had a cigar in its mouth and contrary to what i wanted to i screamed.


– Good afternoon master


– I see youve Goldened your surroundings again.



i just shut my mouth and observed but the more i watched the more i began to believe that Karin was crazy the thing couldn even talk, was i missing something.

– ugh boys. Karin mumbled to herself before turning to me. if you want to be able to hear teach you have to bow down seven times and ask for her to teach you.

i reluctantly advanced toward the animal it appeared as tho i did not see enough,to not see vision of an entity so strong it could train Karin. maybe it could help me awaken my power.

after a bowed around 4 tiles i heard Karin holding her laugh,my head still against the ground i felt blood rushing to my cheeks.

– Karin you **ing.

– you swear a lot you know that? ahahahaha

i stood up and immediately pushed her she fell with the goose from the cliff but hanging on to me in the process. the goose instantly went into a gliding stance,i quickly readjusted myself hutting Karin in the process then hit the goose trying to hang onto me who climb up to her to sit on its back. Karins monstrous strength hitting a goose was not so pretty it instantly began to have trouble to stay in a steady position. i grabbed it by the fur.










after an enormous pick of speed the goose suddenly halted and we flew across what i deducted to be the whole plaza and crash landed into someone. i was surprised at how Tessi had no scratch and was even sleeping in the kangaroo bag.

– well. Karin began. that was fun haha.

– yeah….. you
e never choosing an activity again.

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