DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)

CHAPTER 10: We Really didn\'t ask, i\'m not lying!

ten had those dreams. but for some reason foe the first time it was completely clear,she understood what she had to do. but coming back to the present they now entered the teachers lounge and all the attention was focused not on her nor Shiki but the incredibly cute baby. She kind of froze seeing their homeroom teachers face he was not only completely shocked he seemed almost dissapointed, not in a creepy way of course but more like hes seen his best students waste their futures.

– approach.

the full moon teacher in charged of child cases had some sort of cold tone. the normally bright and cheerful teachers lounge was now heavy. the poorly painted white walls were peeling only from the atmosphere

– So tell me, She said did you speed up the process or where you hiding it?

IT? Karin didn like the way one of her favourite teachers was calling the kid she had named a night ago, even if she was the only one to be pissed she thought but then again to her surprise Shiki was Staring at miss.Violet with darkness never seen before. And before she could lash out Shiki stopped her by striking the conversation. she knew that Shiki did it to protect her reputation not only amongst the teachers but also amongst the students, She thought to herself- how can someone so much weaker than me give me indirect orders? and why am i just going along with him?-

– hes adopted miss. he said, miss Violets eyes started to glow a luminescent gray.

– say that again, and i won tolerate any lies boy. the room felt even more heavy now every teacher was ejecting a form of pressure, at first she thought she was lucky there were no other students in the lounge bit then she regretted it because they had no reason to treat the two fairly as even if having a kid is actually ok with school non of the teachers actually liked that and actually never gave respect to any student tht had a kid in their school days again they started treating them unfairly. Well with a few exceptions.

– We adopted the kid. Shiki continued. there has been no sexual interaction between me and miss ursula karin, We made the mistake of Bonding under a full moon with a baby around which made us click and named him at the same time.

For a brief moment there was only silence the teacher closed her eyes and when they opened the were glowing a luminescent Green. Suddenly all the pressure the room had was lifted all the teachers sighed in relief.


they all began talking to each other tho Karin was kind of mad she didn get to say anything.

– So.miss violet continued. are you going to keep him or will you give it to school until maturity.

– Him. Karin said.

– Excuse me ?

– you keep saying it its Him.

– oh right. she took a brown notebook that looked fresh new and opened it a few pages were full of names, well it was no wonder the school had over 3000 male students and 2700 female students it was basically a city on its own and was part of the reason why children were accepted.Whats HIS name?

karin looked at Shiki who let out a sigh

– didn i just tell you?

they all looked at Shiki a bit weirdly, then for a brief moment karin caught a glimpse of confusion on Shikis face who instantly regained his composure.

– oh i mean i thought i told Karin outside but i might be mistaken, hum his name is Theseus Myërs .

– hm~ i see and where did you find him?

– confidential.

of course there was some privacy in all that if the parents had no intention of explaining things they did not need to and because it was proven that Shiki did not lie they had no right to preach about it more.

– alright so keep him or give him to school.

Shiki had absolutely no intention of keeping him but he looked a Karin yet again she looked him dead in the eye.

– we
e keeping him.

Karin Stared at him like he was crazy but Shiki seemed amused, She never really managed to guess what he was thinking and even if she herself wanted to keep the kid, she got the feeling that Shikis intentions were not as pure or benevolent as hers. and for the first time she felt dread from someone who was below her level, she felt as if something had finally started moving.and as they gave Shiki all the things he needed to take care of the baby and after they managed to get out of the room without mention of how late they arrived at school She looked or more accurately,stared at Shiki.

– If you continue to stare like that youll bore a hole through my face.

normally she wouldve kinda blushed and try to tease him in vain. but this time she felt like it was no time to do that, as the girl could not clearly formulate a sentence she just asked.

– im way over my head aren i?. Shiki just grinned at her, a smile with no feeling no hate no love just nothing. and lemme guess. she continued. I can back up now?

– what? .shiki said. You want a medal or something?

before she could respond a kid the same age or maybe a little older than Karin arrived puffing for air.

– K-Karin you gotta stop them. she said. The new kids they
e getting they
e asses pummeled. and in unison Karin and Shiki started leisurely walking towards the plaza.

– no wait its not in that direction.

– damn that crazy but like..who asked? Shiki did you ask?

– don remember asking.

they continued to walk away without listening to the kid who was still screaming behind them and together again they said.

– every damned day.

Karin thought to herself – when am i gonna hold the baby? –

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