DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)



With that last phrase all the walls dissapeared but for some reason the ceiling was just floating there. the ground was suddenly beige with sand. the environment looked like a desert but looking closer it was really weird in the far north it looked like an oasis in the west there was snow in the east it looked like a normal civilization city it looked moderne the far south looked like a warzone and there was litteraly nothing in the west .

-shit just got serious weve got superpowers? but does shiki also have superpowers since you weren registered.

– probably he was the only one who remembered that we died.

– does that mean you can use you
e powers or is that related to these eyes of yours ?

shiki did a gentle yet evil smirk towards adam who stood just next to him and by just hearing his voice the three boys started to tremble a bit.

– who knows~

– well seems like Adam has zero trust in me well i can easely fix this shit but this final message got me worryin THE ANSWER YOU SEEK LIES WITHIN THE UNLIMITED ” what does this ”master ” mean by that the unlimited is a source that can only end because of the void. ” THROUGH THE VOID THE TRUTH WILL SHOW YOU ITS STRUCTURE ” that it isn reffering to the truth because i already know its structure or did i miss something when i checked the possibilities ? im already prepared for that sadness but that last part is what got me worrying -infinity but infinity will stay infinity no matter what you excpet if you destroy using the void but thats impssoble or if you mix it with unlimited so what.. hmm~ but whats with that minus? am i supposed to put it in an equation but no matter what i do even using the omniversal concepts there is noth.. 0 everything except the unlimited and void can be reset to zero so minus infinity is 0 is that a person or..-

– You know Shiki it seems you know a lot more you claim to be knowing.

– leave me alone Adam plus i never claimed anything .

– So that mean you
e hiding something.

– where did you get that twisted logic should i teach you instead of your parents.

– funny to hear from somoene who doesn have that.

– i see you have quite the twisted personality no wonder your parents are never home and olivia friendzoned you.

– how the ** do you know that?

– who knows~

all of a sudden shiki raised his arm and swung it like a block in basketball just a few centimiters next to Adams head at the same moment Adam,Gin and Akashi Flew a few meters away. shiki with a bloody hand was holding the wood of an arrow. he looked in the direction of that moderne looking city. he directly felt a hand on his shoulder.

– what the hell do you think you
e doing attacking poeple like that for no reason .

– no no i have a reason i was ordered to kill or capture the awakeners of the profecy

– first of all i.. we
e not gonna die and second i hope you repay me for my shirt .

– what makes you think i won kill you all before you get stronger and it seems you
e friend are k.o.

– simple. Shiki looked at the man with short brown hair his eyes were barely open but hearing what Shiki said said he wildly opened his eyes.I know Gilgamesh.

– m.. My 1000 excuses young heir

of course shiki wasn the person the archer thought he was but what that meant and why does this phrase hold so much power more importantly why did Shiki know about it even tho hes somwhere that doesn seem like his own world thats just part of the mysterious Shiki Ryûu. the other boys started to wake up and the first thing they heard was.

– my deepest apologies allow me to introduce you to these sacred lands i call my continent. They are called the THE MYSTIC LANDS

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