DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)


– looking back on it it is quite strange, he seemed to be able to respond to everyone even tho they
e all using different names to call him.-

– what you thinking so deeply about Adam?

– huh? oh nothing don mind me.

– you really weird man.

– oh and you should say that to me suspenders.

– I SWEAR ON GROVE STREE.. ay look man you wanna take this outside!?

– ahahaha

– what shoul i eve‹ be sayin to you Akashi.

– nah its nothing… when is that teacher coming damn.µ

– he always does that .

– why ?

– cuz he doesn like explaning things people already know.

– like?

– like the late arrival rule .

-…. sorry but that rule don make no **ing sense.

– yeah i know its just a rule so they can beat up students .

Adam looked perplex as he watched the gal floating around Shiki and thought to himself.

– weren they fighting just a few minutes ago ?-

– So where are you guys from cuz you
e definitly not from here .

– how do you know that.

– you mean how does everybody in the class know?

– uh y..yeah.

-… is he the dumb one ?

– yeah he is .

– Shut up Shiki.. just answer my question hum huh whatever your name is .

– Karin.

– karin.

– and you sure its the way you should speak like that to a lady you need something from ?

Akashi still fixated on discovering what the hell was going on with the guy bearing multiple names but was brought back to reality by a bruise on his neck. his fall down the stairs seemed to have caused more damage then he thought. it was on him he should have asked to go to the infirmary after the fall.

– please please please~ ?

– okay because you asked so nicely this time ill tell you.

– finally.

– what did i hear there ?

– nothing maam.

– hm~ so. normally when somoene is introduced they show of their pressure but you guys didn do that.

– well did you start to think that maybe we couldn because yall were mocking me ?

– well no you couldve make us shut up by letting you pressure get the best of us .

– what if you can manifest your pressure ?

– wel youll have to prove your strength in the spar training coming up . just an advice don go against fresh boy or me we
e nightmares.

the named karin pumped her chest high thinking she scared of the boys who were just watching her as if she was crazy. of course the boys did not understand what she was talking about because they did not come from this world. the young girl was talking about having achieved a certain level of power not that she herself was the nightmare of newbies. after a while when she realised the four boys weren fazed at all she let out a huge sigh.

– you guys don know what im talking about do you?

while in sycronization the four boys heavily shook their heads from left to right and from right to left. again Karin let a huge sigh out feeling more like the teacher who was supposed to explain all this to them .

– hum so we got different rankings here. hum lets start with disciples.

disciples are the one we call superhumans. they are the poeple who did not awaken their powers naturally but by other means like an artefact awakened them or a cherubim awakened tham. oh wait yu guys don know hum. ill just tell you the rankings.

– you sure well be able to understand if you don explain bit by bit .

– don ask for so **ing much like damn.

– my bad.

– so at the lowest of the lowest you got the disciples they go from f rank to a rank disciples if they ascend and go to S rank they can be considerd a special case and move to the expert rank.

– damn girl breath why
e you talking so fast you red as **.

– im really bad at this type of stuff.

– yeah we noticed.

– uhum hum where was i ?

– experts.

– yeah right experts or know as urbans can destroy at least multiple city blocks most of the students in this school are experts or saints. The saints also called nuclear in the lawless zones/

– The lawless zone ?

– don tell me you don know them.

– nonono of course we do we just why do they name things so differently?

– well its written in books that its because the kingdom abendoned them they renamed pretty much everything that was obligatory.

-hu.. interesting.

– so Shiki if you interupt me one more time im stopping my explication.

– my bad.

– so uuhm shit uuh.

– saints.. you were at saints.

– i know i was i just wanted to see if you guys were wide awake. uhm so saints are known to be able to destroy up to large mountains tho saint able to do this are close to entering the nightmare stage. this is were you become interested nightmares can destroy up to whole countries a nightmare on the verge of breaktrough can destroy continents buuuut well stop here for today we
e only at the fourth level on eight. but its almost practice class.

– oh **.

– what? don tell me your scared Shiki you were talking mad shit to me earlier did my little explanation scare you ? mwahahahaha~

the four boys regrouped together just by looking at eachothers eyes carefully not Shikis they were able to tell what was going to happen to them.


the sweat rolling from their faces would make it seem as tho they already trained . while they were only stressing because of the roll call, the sand on the field did not help them calm down as there were traces of blood left on it. the reason they stressed so much was because this wasn a normal roll call the miraculously reappeared teacher said that hell pair two people together instead of letting the students teach the boys later learned from karin that the teacher never does that and it was probably under the suggestion of fresh boy. Because of course they woulve chosen each other, it seemed like fresh boy had found something out.

– Danny vs Karin.. Adam.F vs Neli…Shiki vs Compass…Akashi vs Nicolas and finally Satsuki/$

– Gin Sir!

-What ?

– please call me Gin sir !

– uh alright? finally Gin vs Siwon.

class- you see that two nightmare class are gonna fight against each other! i am so so glad i came to this school.

– oh and Karin Danny don destroy the school keep your powers in check!

both- understood sir!

– well start last pretty boy we need to put up a show.

– i know i understood.

after the first match started the four boys instead of preparing to fight tried to guess the overall level of the class and of course like karin said most of them were probably experts but Shiki could sense it the openents they were put against were not experts YET they were disciples close to S rank. he could see it .

as Adams turn came closer he began to stress he won be able to beat the opponent he had epxpert or not

– the Voice said we unlocked some sort of power so were is the instruction manual we shouldve tried our powers out instead of playing games and chatting all night.

– Adam.F. vs Neli your turns.

Adam streched for a few seconds before taking a boxing position looking directly in the eyes of the named Neli. he continued to look but suddenly felt intense pain he felt like his back was going to split in two.

– what the ** just happened ? and where that neli girl i..was watching her like i was litteraly staring.-

once again Adam felt intense pain but this time on his cheeks like he just took a massive punch his left cheek became red but without any time to react another one on his right cheek he was being completely ass whooped as he was slowly losing consiousness, Adams only thought was how he was gonna get mad stitches and all of a sudden the hitting stopped Adam was on the ground but not unconsious. A huge pillar of thread was in front of him the pillar had a pointy end with blood dripping from it .

– what the ** ?

Shiki fronced his brows while the Gintarou brothers were screaming of joy. Adam difficultly stood up as he had no balance, and for the first time since the royal beatdowm he finally saw Neli again she was visibly hurt because of the pointy end of the pillar blood was dripping downher belly. Normally Adam wouldve asked to stop the match as seen she was badly hurt but after being completely beaten the soul out he was mad and a mad man isn a reasonable one.

Adam sprinted towards Neli to land a punch but she dissapeared again and hit his back with what probably a kick because the force behind it made Adam stop breathing for a moment . now with bloodshot eyes Adam was ready to kill, out of litteraly nowhere threads were surrounding adam. he made them as thin as possible and just as he took a step forward Neli tried to hit him with what seemed to be a calf kick but was instead heavily blooding. her leg had be sliced by multiple threads floating around Adam.


her screams were put short by a punch from Adam. first her left cheek then right then left he was doing the exact same thing she did. The royal beatdown he then enveloped his hand with his threads he didn care if the threads were going to hurt him or not. his to arms now envloped in his own thread and his hands looking like those of the devil were hitting his enemy with all their might. the completly white threads now almost completly turned red from the blood of his enemy or his . the blooded Neli managed to kick Adam away with her ”good ” leg making her fall over and only pushing Adam a few meters behind. Adam raised his hand and a pillar propulsed Neli op in the air

he then closed his hand making a fist making the pillard a massive spike bowl but yet again Neli was nowhere to be found being completely on offence he forget to protect himself he received a full power punch to the stomach making him fly into the building that situated itself 800 meters away. he managed to minimize the damage using his powersto create some kind of cushion.

– im getting good at this shit. but this bitch hurts like hell, whats her power ? she dissapears from my sight in seconds and then hurts like hell a few seconds later-

he once again stood up with dificulty.

– my guess is supper speed or teleportation-

Adam walked while having his right hand on his stomach as if his guts were to fall out if he put his hand elswere.

– i think its open ** ill need **ing stitches… i just got a crazy idea.-

still on the treining fields the rest of the class didn know if Adam was unconsious of was preparing a suprise attack so they gave him five minutes. he was gone for at least three when everyone thought the versus to be over they heard Adam screaming really loudb for 15seconds or so .

he then came flying? ah no he used his threads to propulse himself to the training grounds landing directly on Neli who was sure to have broken his ribs and opened his stomach the now torn t-shirt had let seen Adams crazy idea. yes you guessed corecct he stitched himself .


Adam envloped not only his arms but his whole body in threads taking now the appearence of a knight without a blade with demonic arms.

– hes learning way to fast whats going on? the versus wasn supposed to go like this don tell me.. Adam is … A Anomaly? thatll explain a lot a human….that shouldn exist-

while Shiki was curiously analyzing his changed companion the other two were testing out if they had a power of some sort but failed after countless amount of tries.

Adam was marteling the girl of punches and when he was finally ready to give the final punch he came back to his senses the girl was badly hurt but her face didn change that much she was just covered in her own blood but she was still recognizable.

– The ** am i doing.

he stood up only to fall due to fatigue. seems he unconsiously pulled back his punches but because it was his first time utilizing his powers he was overwhelmed. this fight went in the school records and the name of the lesson was then renamed to Royal Beatdown . of course this fight was incredible because it was the first fight of a nearly ascended expert rank and a just awakened genius. and it was almost as entertaining as a high rank fight, but thats a story for another time.


in a flash the two fighters dissapeared.

– Now onto the next battle. SHIKI VS COMPASS!

a devilish smile was drawn on dannys face. Shiki could feel it compass wasn an expert he was breaking trough he was becoming a saint!

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