DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)


– i was dumb, how could i not notice that this guy was breaking through and just put him with the rest as if they were the same level ** **ed-

– My name is Leonard Compass my power is called The beyond… i look forward to fighting you…

Shiki didn answer the polite greeting given to him as he knew the fight wasn going to last long and he didn even know if he had powers but that didn matter anymore the lesson only had 15 minutes left so everyone were fighting their oponents at the same time except for the two nightmare class. being more precise the lesson still had 40 minutes or so but the teacher gave the two strongest in the class 25minutes to fight and everyone is expected to watch.

– May i know the name of your power ?

– huh hum NO!

– no ?

– i.. uhm if i tell you the name of my power youll know what my power is and how to counter it so no.

– i see a tactical fighter .

– well not always but you
e two times me like can you change your partner or something.

e a funny one, now now get in position.

instead of going into the natural human boxing pose Shiki went into shaolin kung-fu dragon style. he was in a situation were he didn know his oponents power nor his fighting style so he wasn to try the most obvious fighting style.

– ahahahahaha what a pose ill make this quick no need to try the impossible.

Compass was instantly next to Shiki his leg already stretched as if he gave a kick and that was his intention but like with the arrow shikihad anticipated that and gave a knee kick to compass who dodged by an inch almost falling because his dodge made him lose balance the time it took him to have some equilibrum back Shiki switched stances and did a spinning back kick letting compass fall on his face.

Shiki took multiple steps back as he still didn know what his power was. Compass stood up a bit surprised by what happened.

– the hell? it was probably luck my target hitting always hits lets try again-

compass did a backflip turning to Shiki en again he was instantly by Shikis side but this time his arm was stretched as if he had hit somoene his fist were closed almost making him blood. yet again Shiki had dodged and this time landed the knee kick to the chin or so he thought because compass had stop his knee with his had and was ready to blow shiki away using only cheer strength, but before he was able to do that Shiki ”jumped ” with his free leg and hit the back of compasss head.

the quick shock made compass let go and Shiki yet again took a few steps back.

– how the hell does Shiki fight like that?

– just means he didn tell us everything Gin.

Shiki went back into dragon stance as he felt the pressure that Compass was emanating because of how mad he was since he wasn able to contain the pressure anymore Shiki should be warry as he wasn going to use his target hitting anymore but only raw strength.

– i see it all his powers.. target hitting= hes able to always hit the targets weak points so th only way to counter that is to let him touch me by a hair and then get out of the way now how am i going to counter telekinesie and stats multiplication?-

while Shiki was still thinking about how to counter his powers he suddenly was stunned he couldn move anymore.

– you
e done little dancer.

compass hit the air and a huge gus of wind more powerful then a full speed truck and sharper then a katana rushed in Shikis direction stopping al the fights except of course Akashi And Gin who didn even start fighting their opponenets as they were watching Shiki fight .

– oh hes done

– for sure he was hit by the cannon buster

– he managed to injure a saint with this attack when he was a disciple.

– hes a real beast.

the dust now covering the whole fighting ground started to fade away little by little. and it could be seen that all shikis clothes above the belt were torn to pieces. he took a lace from his shoe and used it as belt because his suspenders were torn apart. but something was off, why dind he have a single scratch thats when akashi noticed something.

– the symbol on Shikis right hand.. its glowing.

– i..i really thought i was gonna die!

– how is that possible?!.. IT CANT BE !!

Compass charged at Shiki who was still stuck but could know use his upper body.


Shiki projected his right palm were the symbol was to counter compasss punch and it did more than counter as compass was ejected a few meters behind Shiki touched his pants with his right hand and coul suddenly move again.


– don …

– Don get ahead of yourself Shiki keep a straight head !!

Shiki instantly remembered how badly beaten adam and Neli were after fighting it reminded him that this wasn over until one had brutally knocked the other out. realizing that again Shiki ran towards the mighty Compass but his legs were paralized yet again this time shiki just let his right had pass in front of his legs and started running again. Compass now finally back up again faced Shiki head on running towards him too putting his fist behind his waist as if he was charging his punch. While Shiki was just gaining more and more speed he then jumped, Compass looked up to Shiki while throwing his punch and Shiki this time did not counter with the palm of his hands but with a punch.

the chockwaves following the punch created even more does and broke of the part of ground were Compass was standing, the dust was blowing full force as if it had replaced the wind. Shiki could feel his arm being destroyed and recovered again and again and again. it seemed to be the abiltiy or one of the abilities he gained from the mark.

– whats happening is Shiki okay ?

– Adam ?! weren you like badly hurt ?

– yeah but they got somoene in the infirmary that treats wounds in like 2 minutes thats why they let us fight like this.

– wheres the girl?

– she went to the toilett i was waiting for her until i heard a huge boom and a crowd screaming so i came to look.

– howd you know it was Shiki that was fighting?

– because Gin..This type of shit screams shiki Ryûu.

Shiki now finally landing after floating because of the air pressure from the punch looked up and dodged Compasss kick by a hairs breath. and before Compass could position himself were he wanted to Shiki already punched in that direction and succesfully landed his punch on Compass but as it was his left hand it did not deal much damage and compass had hit Shiki back with a cross. But with the active power of the the symbole recovered as fast as Compass did and hit compasss with a right cross. that one made compass bleed and broke a teeth he tried to hit Shiki back but the latter one stepped back and counterattacked with a right jab then a left cross.

but then Compass hit Shikis torso and with his two hand slammed the back of his head after taking such a shock any human would be k.o or at least desoriented. But don forget i said any HUMAN. Shiki spinned on his back like a breakdancer and jumped up giving a side whip compass was barely able to dodge but the Shiki instantly closed the distance even more even tho it seemed like the fight couldn get any closer shiki clenched his fists and bombarded compass.


– whats he Screaming ?

– don mind him.

after finally stopping his barrage he performed a perfect calf kick making compass bend and making it possible for Shiki to finally land that knee kick. after the jumping knee kick Shiki now up in the air gave a super man punch slamming compasss head into the ground with dificulty he stood back up his fist was bloodied after the fighting exchange they had Shiki was covered in bruises and cuts. he managed to knock Compass out but then felt a crazy amount of pressure, of course Shiki knew it was compass. Shikis plan was to knock compass out before he went and used his main ability.

Compass stood back up as if he were a zombie.

– power multiplication 100 times 65.

this time he was really charging his fist Shiki didn know if the mark could withstand that much power and just sincerely hoped it could he turned towards Compass who was making the air current shake tremble and change directions. he clenched his fisted like never before and the mark extended to his whole arm going even up to just above his right brow. his usually dark green eyes wer know completely emerald green and glowing and a green arc could be seen formed behind his back with what seemed to be a crystal a colorless one the dark green mark on his right arm was now covering his entire right body partand the crystal gained a green blueish color Shiki put his left hand before him and his right in striking position.

– times a million.

– Migi straighto ( right straight)

just before the full powers of the attacks reached, just before the two punched reached eachotherthe teacher came and stopped both of their punches creating a blast destroying nearby building and making a hole in the ground.

– this mark.. it forcfully activated it what the ** why is it activating my genes without my consent-

thed dust stopping anyone to be able to see covered once again the whole training ground.


– we didn even start sir !

as the dirt based mist slowly dissapeared the teacher could finaly see the faces of the ones who were fighting as tho they had bought the school. at his grand surprise it was just the new kid he looked in shock as he thaught about what possibly coulve happened but could not possibly come up with an excuse and had to immediately rank Shiki and as he was fighting and almost won against a nearly ranked saint he himself was to be considered a saint. Of course after the teacher came stopping them Shiki passed out but invisible to the naked eye threads…. were keeping his body up.

( INFIRMARY 16:10 )

Shiki woke up being sore everywhere like he spent a day in the gym doing exercizes he had never done before.

– oh hes finally up you

– in the infirmary i know wheres the rest Karin?

– their coming they went to get some things to drink while you were knocked out.

– so you know yup, one of my powers is super vision you see so i could see Adams threads.

-… did the bald guy rank me ?

– yup you
e one level below me loser.


– yeah since you knocked out Compass multiple times compass who trained since he was a kid… Its pretty unbelievable how did monsters like you and Adam pop up from.

– ahaha who won between you and the fresh prince?

– we couldn fight..

– huh ? why?

– because you destroyed the training grounds bozo.

– my bad please don hit me.

– pff ahahaha

they continued talking for a bit before the other three otherworlders entered the room, Karin left the room giving Gin a complex look. the slightly orange sky made the white room of almost the same color as the sunlight was slowly fading away each of the boys took a seat.

– damn Shiki i didn know you could fight like that incredible.

– ahaha shut up Akashi i just trained when i was young( That was a lie)

– you manifested your powers too huh.

– …. no.

– whatd you mean no ?

– these weren the powers i awakened because of our transportation .

– so you already had them ?

– no i think its a mutation from the mark( that was also a lie)

– how do you know these aren the powers you awakened .

– yeah you seemed to know an awful lot when we came to this world.

– it its like i know its something that shouldn be in my body like a virus .

– maybe thats how the powers feel ?

– nah Akashi Shikis right the powers awakened feel as natural as breathing you shouldn think about them to manipulate your powers.

– howd you know that?

– cuz i used the powers Gin.

– maybe you
e a special case?

– or maybe Shikis right, did yall forget that Shikis number wasn even supposed to be here ?

– yeah gins right that could explain it.

Shiki lifted his hand to stretch and all the marks started to glow a different color for each of them.

blue for adam,red for Gin,grey for akashi while Shikis mark emitted the three colors plus his own green the room was soon filled with green light and the boys could no longer see only Adams voice could be heared.


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