DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)

CHAPTER 9:i become a father at 13.

the cold air was making Akashi uncomfortable there was something strange about the place that place. to begin with he wondered what even happened for them to be there. weren they in a room? or was it one of their powers ?

– thinking about it why did Adam scream Shikis name even tho all our marks were glowing ?-

– Where the ** are we Shiki.

– how am i supposed to know Adam get of my back man.

– in any case it isn the time to argue guys.

– gins right lets move forward we don have time for you two to fight again.

– but in which direction are we going ?

they all looked at Shiki waiting for an answer coming from him. the thick fog made it impossible to know where one should go the only thing they could see was the wet street and eachother. Shiki however did not give an answer and just started walking in a random direction. the more they walked the thinner the fog seemed to become, at one point it totally dissapeared. to let place to only beatdown houses barely any street lights and a bulletin board filled with requests.almost every wooden house had a hole in them, as they continued to walk an awful stench became stronger and stronger till they reached an alley. just as Adam,Gin and akashi were about to look what the origin of that smell was Shiki broke the silence to stop them.

– don look… im pretty sure you all know why it stinks so bad, if we look…itll change our lives forever.

without saying a word they continued to walk they listend to him without complaining for the first time. because for the first time, Shiki Ryûu was stressing. he didn know what to do this went above what was shown to him. that never happened in any of the possible futures he saw.the wind was blowing pretty hard and after a while everything was just calm they could even hear the drops of water falling down.

– lets run


– Run!!

just a few seconds after they started running a small explosion occured behind them which motivated them to run faster. footsteps were know heard on the roofs of the houses and a kunai was thrown at Shiki who was running in front. it was blocked by Adam with his threads but even if adam stopped it he didn kno wit would explode making them all fly in opposite directions. they quickly got back into position and regroup.









the rain started again or is it more accurate to say that a thunder storm started. five tall guys completely dressed in white with a white face mask descended from the buildings. Adam tried to get into defenece mode with his powers but before he could even do it one of the guys moved his hand and it was like he was instantly burned. he could bearly breath it was an almost instant kill.




Gin and Akashi were in total panic they didn know what to do because even if they managed to find a way out how were they going to carry Adam while rnnning away.

– here!!

the boys instantly looked at the alley behind them they saw a little girl probably around the age of eight, normally Shiki would question why she would try to help them and where she came from but at this point hed take anything it could also be that the baby she was holding in her hands helped come to a fast conclusion. in a mere 3 seconds Shiki decided to put adam on his back which would probably leave him a 3rd degree burn but as the adrenaline was rushing he barely felt any pain. he started runnning without even thinking about warning the other two, tho it seemed they started to run without any second thoughts they reached the alley a dead end was to be seen and the little girl was nowhere to be seen but that was only from Gin and akashis perspective because Shiki saw everything. he continued to run at full speed.


and a few seconds later they went trough the wall or to be more precise a portal created by the girl. they were now in a extremily lighted room with premium quality furniture.

– guys..made it.

all of a sudden Adam was completely healed as was Shikis back. it was like nothing happened was it the little girl or..

– t..this place called a..a healing room.

the girl had such a heavy breathing it was hard not to notice it even if they wanted to keep the mentality of they
e normal environement they had to accept it now they were forced to admit it they were in a world where middle schoolers are the target of thieves and supernatural serial killers they were forced to admit they were in an environement were most kids have to raise they
e brothers and sisters at the cost of their own lives.

– th..this place won be safe for… this place won be safe for long.

she had a difficult time breathing as all her strength was put in her arms to not let the sleeping baby fall, she leaned against a wall letting a huge sigh.

– this baby…my little brother.

tears started to roll from her eyes as her final words were near.

– he.. hes only 4 months old plea…please t..take care of him my..Haru.

the girls eyes now lifeless were looking down at the kid, the room was becoming darker as the seconds were passing. Adam was immdiatly trying to take the child but thegrip of the girl was so strong it left marks on the boy.

– we don have time for that Adam we need to run.

– how can you say that Shiki she saved us.

– so you want to use her sacrifice by commiting suicide?

– a debt must be repaid at all cost Shiki

– are you forgetting that we never asked for her to help? we don ow her anything.

Adam now with the child in his arms glared at shiki.

– we
e taking him thats it end of disscusion.

– who the ** do you think you are bitch.

– ill **ing beat your ass move outta the way.

-don let your powers get to your head ill still **ing beat your ass up.

the room was getting heated until there was no room anymore.

– ** you guys wasted time!

Adam tried to move but his energy was still drained from the super recovery of the healing room and fell but while falling threw the baby at Shiki. the schock of seeing a new face and the brutal wake up throw made the baby cry as loud as it could.and Shikis attempts to calm him down were usseless as not 5 not 10 but at least

– 362 people in white?? shit this wasn supposed to happen shit shit shit its their fault its not just Adam one indivudual can completly change the future the other two these guys are anomalies.-

as the people in white were getting closer leaving them only 8meters of space the boys were prepared to die until all of a sudden all the people

– dissapeared? no they were sent flying everyone of them how is that possible ?-


one hand on the hip not floating but flying Karin then slowly came closer to them the thunder storm dissapeared and the sky was now clear blue as soon as karin landed the storm started again and the guy who one shotted Adam tried to stab karin in the head but she catched his wrist before he could lend his hit. tho karin didn know about his instant one hit kill.

– karin don let your guard down!!

– too late!!!-

this time it was at least 6 times more powerful so powerful it made an explosion and destroyed buildings but oh well its not like the outcome would be different even if karin knew, the dust from the explosion dissipated and karin had absolutely nothing not even a scratch.

– hey i just bought those clothes you bastard.

one uppercut is all it took the guy completely dissapeared form their field of view.

– we gotta go n.. AAAH WHAT A CUTE BABY WHERE DID HE COME FROM !!??…Shiki don tell me you….

– Shut up!!

– ursula Karin.. **ing strong. but lets skip that for know what do i do they saved him why did they do that shit we saved the child that is prophiced to help in the destruction of the omniverse we
e doomed. even only his existance in this world means..Titanomachia is coming.-

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