DokoNi NO Otokonoko (Nowhere Boys)

CHAPTER 10: We Really didn\'t ask, i\'m not lying!

okay well since the author/narrator decided to take a brake far too long so i decided to take it upon myself to continue this story.




– so~ whered you get the baby?

– none of your business karin.

we were back in the academy and managed to sneak the baby in but now de had a bigger problem then that karin wouldn leave me alone with the fact that i, the person who didn want to take the baby is the one whos holding him.

– Adam this is supposed to be your job you wanted to keep him!

– Stop being so dramatic i think you should say sorry to the baby.

– what what
e you..

– hes right youve been rude to him.

– WH-WHAT!? Karin how would you even know?

– thats not the poi..

– Were you spying on us !?

– wh-whaaat no i would never hahaha.

her eyes were avoiding mine and that was my first observation of ursula karin, she was and EXTREMELY bad liar. after a while or intense staring trying to meet her eyes she started playing with her hair.

– w-will you stop staring at me already? and your suspenders are burnt.

– wow nice observation Sherlock.

– Sherlock?

so to describe we were hiding in ursulas room at the academy because apparently they had a boarding school program we never heard of before. so instead of going to the inn which was pretty dangerous at that time we sneaked into the girls dorm and entered her room. tho if we were catched itd bite us hard. the baby was half asleep for some reason he liked it when i held him, i didn understand how it was possible to fall asleep while karin screamed like there was no tomorrow and pinched his cheeks. at first i was scared that someone may come because of how loud she was but i soon understood that this, was how loud karin was on a daily basis on her room. karin and i were the only ones sitting, her room was large it looked like a hotel room but a deluxe one. there was a balcony and a few meters to the balconys door there was a huge bed with pink sheets and a lot of pillows and teddy bears, they very much took a large portion of the bed tho most of them were crushed by Akashi and Gin who just passed out as soon as we arrived. the nightstand next to bed had a broken lamp i asked myself if it was there before karin arrived because the nightstand was strangely old and the wood was starting to peel. the floor was covered by a furred carpet. on the wall next to the door there was a huge couch that could just have been called another bed the bathroom was just on the wall next to it,the same wall that had a huge glass in front of the bed.

im not gonna describe the chaos of clothes and snacks that layed around on the floor. Adam,karin and I were sitting on the balcony until a few minutes ago when Adam finally gave up on staying awake and passed out on the enormous couch.

– I shouldve known. i said

– what?

– the moon, its a full moon.

– so~? what
e you getting at?

– nothing good happens on a full moon.

– come on do you hate the baby that bad ?

– i don hate him, but his future is that of destruction its his FATE.

– Hm~ I don really get what you
e trying to say but i thought you were the kind of guy to defy your fate , was i wrong?

this time she looked right in my eyes, her mysterious eye color intrigued me for the first time in a whil it seemed that someone actually felt me in the eyes. her pink hair were moving along with the wind and something faint so faint i almost couldn hear it it went fast like a flash but i heard it destiny it said.

– bahahaha you barely know me you really are a strange one .

she blushed a bit and seemed kind of shocked by my sudden burst of laughter, she instantly placed her finger on my mouth.

– SHHHH! you don wanna wake him up.

– cmon karin he slept trough your awful noises i think he can handle that.

– sh-shut up.

i don know how long she and I talked that day but im sure i teased the hell out of her.after a while our conversation got more grounded.

– you still didn tell me the babys name Shiki.

– hum well in all honesty i..kinda…forgot his name.

– WHAT!??

– Shhh!

– You gotta be kidding me Shiki.

– chill its just a name.

– Just just a nam? Shiki the importance of names is incredible here you can just go around calling him baby .

– okay okay just choose something then.

– huh well hum.

– hurry up.

at that moment for some reason the night sky had more stars then ever. the baby was waking up it was like a sort of trance, we were no longer in her room or maybe we were i don know. i locked eyes with Karin and it was like for a moment we were connected.we opened our mouths at the same time.

– Theseus.

Karin and I were in total sync it was scary and incredible at the same time,the baby now name Theseus (Thessi for short) fell right back asleep with a smile on his face.

– oh **!

– what!?

– we shoulve thought about this. its the ritual.

– which one there are like a million different rituals in this world !

– the…the YOU SHOULD KNOW !


– THE TH..The naming ritual.

at first i tried to remember what that was about i din have time to completely know everything but then i remembered. on a full moon day the name of the chil shall be given by two people of opposite genders. the people who perform the ritual will by law and outside forces be seen as

– the parents.

Karin just blushed and looked down. of course it gave us permission to keep the baby even in the academy,but now.

– everybody will see us like THAT. She said

– curse you Adam… i didn sign up for this.

– you think i did!?

– you wanted to name him!

– but normally he shouldve already been named ! so i just thought itd be a temporary name!

– well it clearly wasn i shouldve known the girl was alone she couldn possibly have named him.

and there I had it. I was the one that would raise the could fated for destruction. but maybe there was more to it then I thought. but at that moment the only thought i had was.

– i just became a **ing dad at 13.

– i became a mom at 14

– whats happening to our lives.

while i repressed a few tears karin did not have the decency to do the same.

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