Could this be us that lighten the skies with our smiles, would you stay with me all through the night and talk while we lay under the sky with so many stars and the bright moon, in the middle of the green grass…

Would we make an intense connection while looking into each others eyes and souls?

Would you put me deep inside your highest chamber so I could see the beauty of your privacy…..

Would you be the one I see when it feels like the worlds upside down and Im all alone…

And if you leave would I be able to seek or find comfort in another soul? or would I be able to look into the eyes of another and find you..

I guess not, but I would still love to be the last night butterflies and the early morning giggles…

So if I ever find you, would you always be at everywhere I am at cause now I see myself alone in a lot of places and the moments I thought I saw your face among the crowd, it turns out to be just an illusion.

Can you look at me? Can you see the ruin you are making of me! can you see the pleasure in my eyes and body for you, do you want the love to be hidden in the deepest part of my heart that I long to share with you?

Do you see it or do you just ignore it because youd never let yourself believe that youd ever feel the same way?

So what am I supposed to do? sit here and wait for you to figure it out? because I really want you to figure it out, am I trying to be perfect for you only because I will end up dealing with your imperfections, I really want to wait till you do. am I really trying to be good to you only because Im coming to deal with all your demons and the way it is? Am I trying to please you so bad that I totally skipped how much Im displeasing myself? is this all the love youve got to give or am I missing something? Do I really meant that much to you?

What are you? The lady down the lake in the midst of a beautiful rose flowers glamoring and dancing under the clear raining sky, extracting all the method of beauty and beautifying the outmost part of your body with your awesome Sense of melody…

Oh how I got drown in your endless oceans of perfection the way you wine waist the way you flow with the rhythm of my heart it awesomely calm whenever I look over at you, seeing you smile like the goddess you are under the raining sky with flawless beauty…

I wanted to keep you so close to my heart and never lose you ! I wanted to hold your beautiful body and mold it into the night, but then you are of all the beautiful things in the ocean and beyond you are of the greatest place I find hard to reach yet but Im coming for you, I would dive into the deepest sea but Ill make sure I reach you. Own your heart and encamp your body.

Oh dear ,

What do I do to console you, where do I go to see the real you, how would I know you the way you want to be known, would you open up to me, would you tell me everything when you need to talk,, would you touch me when you want to be touched, do you want to run back into your shell like is not beautiful enough to bring yourself out…

like its not colorful enough to smile, like its not cold enough for you to feel, like its not warm enough to walk, like you are scared of your own home. You are made to shine out, you are made just like the smile you sometimes give. Why would you hide away and run into your shell like you don miss my touch, I know you don want me to touch you but I do want to know you so come to me don be scared, walk to me as slowly as it can get Im here to wait all and all night.

Honey, how happy I am to see you smile, how sweet it is to watch you giggle, how nice it is to see you happy.

I know this are the things I feel when I look at you,each time I do that I feel all the emotions in me running through but since this isn really about me, I was wondering if we could talk about you too.. If I could ask you a couple of questions and wish you would answer them cause for what seems like a lifetime youve always left them hanging.

So can I know you?

Would you like to let me hold you because I want you? Im initiating you in my mind, Im fantasizing you, Im needing you so when would you see me, hold me, touch me,kiss me, tell me everything on your mind, how you feel, teach me how to treat you, know you, own you, don stay silent at me, don look at me like I don worth you, Im here for you I need you so much I can even seem to think I want you purple petals.

All I know is you start by walking alone in every journey, slowly, calmly youd get there…. fast, rough youd still get there… so thats why this was the first thing I thought about a day I was supposed to meet you by the ocean and you were no where to be found. I mean I saw you the other day looking as beautiful and bright as the sky itself.

Smiling so happily and gorgeously by the riverside and humming sounds of your favorite song, the song youd never get to sing to me but I was standing and watching anyways. and so I suddenly wanted to see you again and again. I wanted to behold your beauty to befit my imagination.

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