And theres a Char who well was once the love of her life if you look at it in a rhetorical way, i once thought shes one friend I could never leave without maybe it because we went past being just friends and we were almost screwing each other before we ended up just kissing and doing some random make out section just one time, to me then it was everything but the moment we drifted apart and we couldn even keep up with being just friends i realized we never really had anything in common and I was just mainly attracted to her study vibes, Funny! to cut the long story short we had a fling, but she is another friend that I find really really wierd I mean not in a bad ways tho and maybe not as intensely wierd as me but Char is a mother of two bouncing& adorable cute boys, Sky and San, and no there are not twins, she happen to have this two kids for a known crack addict and a full time womanizer, which also happens to be my friend, and he once introduced me to crack and being addicted to all things is in my nature, I got addicted to it and it almost ruined me, but will get back to that. We are still on Char, at some point I thought she was my pills, and that I was her pill but little did I know, I was so into her and with the way she gives me attention I felt she was into me that much as well and I thought I was at my last bus stop more like I am done with hoeing but then…..

Who was I kidding, I guess only myself, before I knew what was happening Char has taken in with christ in her belly and all the food she eat is Jesus, she decided with her pastor and mother in the lord that I am a distraction to heavens gate, and i will never allow her accomplish her life goals to be a child of God, so she became a stranger slowing slipping out of my hands, forgetting those times where she looks into my eyes and i see blue skies in hers where she kiss me slowly passionately, like she knew how much I needed to be loved, like she knew how **ed up and messed up I am on the inside, forgetting the endless promises she made to be by my side all the way, forgetting the endless words of i see you that she said to me all the time, forgetting all the sneaky sweet romance we had, hiding in a dark place so her baby daddy doesn get to see us, she forgot all this things, but not me, one of my greatest default is the inability to forget, i dont know how to forget anything that leaves a scar, even if i mostly forget peoples name, or face, i can forget emotions or those who gave me the emotions.. So this got me suffering for a whole long year it was a year of disaster, I keep trying to meet up to her expectations, keep up to her standard, please her, and console her, cos yeah she was going through loads of emotional shit and Id like to say she was a damaged person, but I tried with every fiber of my body to fix her, that didn work out though, I realized how I couldn make a broken egg back in one piece, so at the end of the day I lost, I was hurt, that was when I got addicted to crack, because it takes me to a space, a very beautiful vast land where I see no one but me and her making beautiful love, and that last for only 5 minutes which leaves me begging and aching for more, by the time I started dealing with the withdrawals I realized shes not that worth it and that wrecked me some more.

And the theres a Bob….. The bad ass nigga, not in my circle of friends and way much older, but for someone who you can all call wierd, hes all grownup weird, hes a person that reminds you of SpongeBob when you see him because of his head, and he is always sarcastic, he never takes anything serious including his family, because he is Char baby daddy, but when you see him youd probably think, oh this guy has never **ed before, but mehn i could personally nickname him public hole this guy **s anything in the skirt, big or small, tiny or fat, just as long as you come in as a lady bro is gonna get in, you don even have to be beautiful, its like he is obsessed with sex or something, but thats not even true he doesn ** as much as he pack ladies, which brings me to the fact that maybe he keeps them for pure sanity….. When you find Bob and can find him anywhere check hotels or you check crack dealer, bro is a **ing stoner for crack, he hit stones like billions of naira, non of his dealers love to lose him, because boy he brings in thousands of naira for the Stone, infact he leaves his car keys anything valuable that could be sold, he let it go without hesitation for his stone.

The way he treat his stone he could prolly give God much more credit than that but aside from God then it is his Stone, he cherish it more than his own life, there was this time we sat outside his car, to burn few stone around 2:30 am, and then just a tiny bit fell from my hand, right there and then I witnessed what firsthand madness could be and I realized for the first time that insanity could actually be a communicable disease, because I literally joined him in the madness, searching for what we both know we won see with passion, scattering every single thing in the car, lifting the car chairs, bonnet, foot mat and every thing liftable lol it was definitely a long relentless search, when we started the search by 2:30 and we still had not seen it by 3:15 I decided I couldn go on like this and sweet talk him into stopping each time I remember that day, I sit and laugh and also vow never to take crack again.

Well long story short this guy we are on about could literally be the most dangerous person you know and might have seen, he is dangerously cunning and nothing compares to his brain, if he cook up a story for you, youd prolly eat up the whole plate and ask for more before realizing it was all a lie or fake, he is so good at words, facial expressions, nothing holds him to how insane this guy his, like he could literally rob a whole **ing bank with his words alone, he is like top notch unbearably cunny lol and is he proud of it, he makes a living out it, so he is…

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