I went on following her like a mother goose and low and behold she looked me in the eye and then kissed me, I was skeptical, i dont know if I should kiss her back Although there were like bunch of kids in the back but I don think there were paying much attention to us since there were smoking pots, but the moment i felt her lips almost leaving mine i knew I couldn let go, so I lean in and kissed her more, well after what look like good 10 minutes we both left ourselves breathless, it was such a scene I felt the adrenaline go through all my body and I felt like I could fall of sweet savory mouth taste, I loved it, it was pure bliss, and I couldn wait to get another, but then she look me in the eyes and said,

Are you okay, I just wanted to do that because youve been staring at me a lot and your eyes made me long for your full luscious lips, but my baby daddy is there and so was your friend but it was a pleasure meeting you and I can wait till w meet again hopefully right.. And me standing dumbstrucked and speechless could do nothing but nod my head, she asked for my number I gave it to her and as far as I am concerned that was the beginning of me and Bobs misery and mystery, the nigga hated me, he thought for sure I had come to stay and i was going to ruin the little thing left between them, he doesn like me sometimes he doesn even pretend it, me on the other side could hate him less, i hated him for treating my new loml like a trash, i hated him for being such a dick and hell I felt he should be gay asf to hate gays, punchline is my opinion about him are not good and to top it all of, I think he is the most dirty and nasty scam ever so yes, my opinion of him are not exactly high and mighty, but i do think he is a great father.. And to make this sounds as crazy as it looks he thinks I am an amazing friend and a good person he just doesn like me for a reason and so do i…

A scholar said time is functional and normal. Society cannot do without crime,this is because it is impossible for people to have the same moral consciousness. The immediate miles in which we live,the hereditary anticipated and the social influence varies from individual to individual,

As a result we differ from each other since there are individuals who differ from the collective type,it is inevitable that some of the divergences will include the criminal characters,this is not because there are some intrinsic quality of their acts which is criminal but because the collectivity will define the act as criminal. Generally crime is bound of fundamental conditions. Dulkhan believe that crime is the product of the very existence of norms, in order words the consent of wrong will give meaning to that of right

Even a community of saints have criminals.crime to him is functional because to him it is a necessary prerequisite to social change ,a society without deviance becomes a stagnant society .he believes that the criminal should not be seen as an unacceptable person but as one who plays a definite role in a social life, crime should not also be seen as an evil that should be suppressed but as a price we pay for freedom.

One of the most important element in the society is social solidarity or cohesion which represent the collective conscience. There are two types of collective conscience that is mechanical and organic solidarity, the collective conscience that dominate primitive societies is mechanical solidarity the sole purpose of law practiced here is that which represses the individual from acting in a way that will threaten the collective conscience as society becomes more complex the law shifts from the family to the society.


Having a conversation about how much time weve lived,does this thing called time really count?does it tell how much time you have left or define how long youve lived? what if theres nothing like morning, afternoon, evening, night, today,yesterday,a day before yesterday, tomorrow,days, weeks, months, and years? whatever it is you use in measuring time what if its all a deja vu a picture we have or create? What if all this weather change we experience doesn mean the day has ended an we still living in the same day just serving a different purpose, because even though the day changed so as moments and events goes by, you hold on to the past which I believe if truly the day has passed and you living in a new day? You wouldn have a memory or hold on to what happened yesterday. Thats why theres no way to pay good except by been good.dont forget even he who lived a thousand years,lived those years in a day.so how much time do you think you have left or already use? what says your time?

One thing you should realize about life is you don need anyone to get through to yourself nor your lord for only you have access to him directly for he made the angels too so why not reach out to him from deep inside of you? He gave you a privilege why not use it an utilize it? Are you really forgetting the power and blessing he has given you? Ill be dumb if I don seek knowledge no matter where or whom its coming from for we are all blessed in different ways. What we do for ourselves alone dies with us, what we do for others is timeless. No one is more deceived or cheated than a selfish person,no man was ever honored for what he received, honor has been the reward for what he gave.

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