Two curious-looking adorable eyes were staring at the small baby fatty sleeping beside her blowing bubbles from his mouth.

Eh! Where am I?

Who is this fatty sleeping beside? Am I dreaming?

Her curious and stupefied look made her look more adorable.

”Haha.. ” a laugh interrupted her train of thought as she looked around to find the source of the voice.

Is it a new training method to train me?

”Look how adorable my daughter is ”

She saw two ladies coming towards her. One look could tell that they were master and servant.

”Yes young madam miss is really adorable like a little fairy ”

According to her train of thought, she decided to find a place to hide before she gets discovered but she missed one point she was just crawling in a cradle.

Before she could crawl away she was lifted into the air. Her first instinct was to struggle. She tried to struggle but sensing t

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