Then she spoke to her ”baby! When I call dad you need to say mumma again okay? ” She tried to explain it to her with some weird actions.

Soon the call was connected and a magnetic and husky voice came from the other side of the phone.

”Hello ”

” know our princess spoke mumma today. ”

Listening to the excited voice a smile blossomed on a cold faced man who was sitting in the conference room where the freezing point was near death due to his aura and dead stern face.

He has a handsome face with a sharp jawline and gray eyes with a sturdy nose and phoenix eyes.

Seeing the smile on his face, all the executives thanked the madam in their heart.

”Really? ” he asked

”Princess speak mumma again ” she brought phone near her

” ” she spoke again with some confusion in her adorable voice.

Listening to the voice of his little princess his heart melted once again.

”Princess speak dadda! ” listening to the voice coming from a domineering and ruthless person like him kind of looked a little amusing but he shed his pretense just for her in front of everyone.

”Da..da? ” The concept of mom and dad was still new to her and with all the voice change and everything she was still trying to digest all the facts.

Listening to this he broke out in a smile again. He woke up from his seat

”Meeting adjourned ”

He signaled his special assistant to come forward and spoke ”send 49 dollars packet to all the employees of the company ”

He said excitedly and went to take his windbreaker from his office and asked his secretary to send all the documents at home.

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