Inside a luxurious villa in the most expensive district of the capital city of country Y. In a room that was fit for a child, a 3-year-old child was pestering a 5-year-old child sitting on the studying table.

3 yeared one puffed his cheek angrily ” eldest brother its really unfair ”

He waved his small fist in the air ” now we have a sister mommy puts all her love in her and even the third brother is left out sometimes ”

”Hmm…speak clearly that you lost all the favor of mom and dad ” 5 year old one spoke with the pretense of a little adult without even glancing at him.

He silently muttered in his heart childish… when it comes to doting you always go first to dote on her and give your favorite toys to her to play.

Then there was the sound of a car engine coming.

The 3-year-old child stood up with excitement ”Brother dads back ”. Then he forcefully dragged his eldest brother downstairs.

When they reached downstairs they saw their dad who only smiled in front of their mother was excitingly striding inside. He even ignored those two pitiful brothers and went straight into the nursery where his wife and little princess were.

”baby…I am back home ”

Listening to her husbands voice the lady was really happy and she gave her to the nanny standing aside.

She was stupefied and distressed while playing with her childish mother who appeared out of thin air. She was praying that soon fatty should wake up and will distract her mother so that she could have some time to digest some things and find out what is happening.

She silently thank god hank god mothers husband came I mean father came or I might have lashed out at her

The lady went forward to hug her husband and remove his coat and tie. Anyone could tell that they both are really in love.

The cute adorable princess was just trying to analyze something when she was lifted in the air again but this time those hands were somewhat rough and sturdy.

It was her so-called fathers hand.

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