Although he was already dashing, when he smiled he looked more stunning which led her to daze like she had seen this face somewhere but she was not able to tell where.

”Princess…say dadda ”

Before she could say anything an angry childish voice was heard

”Hmph…since sister is born you both are ignoring me and elder brother ” he spoke crossing his arms while the other who was slighter older shook his head denying that what he said wasn related to him but still he was just 5 years old so one can see slightly aggrieved expression from him.

She saw two boys, one was somewhat handsome and the shorter one was slightly chubby.

”Aiyo…see princess how your second brother is angry. You need to coax him now ” the teasing voice of her mother sounded.

”Sec…nd…br…th ” she spoke again while digesting the fact that this childish one is her brother now.

”Ran Ran! What did you call me? ” he ran excitedly towards his father who was holding her. Her father bent down so that they both can be at the same level.

He cautiously held her hand and spoke excitedly again ”ran ran say second brother again ”. Watching this the older one also came.

He internally sighed his brat

”Ra..n…ran? ” she spoke again confusingly because her name, in reality was ran…no her code name, in reality, was Ran as she never had a real name.

Seeing her confusion her second brother thought that she was confused about who they all are and that thought coincidently conceded with her thoughts.

Holding her hands he spoke in a serious tone ”Ran ran your name is Xu Ran. You are the only daughter of mumma and Dadda. You are just 9 months old. I have also heard from grandma that you are also the only daughter in our familys entire three generations so we should dote on you as much as we can. I am your second brother Xu Zixuan. I am 3 years old. The pretty lady at the side is our mother Ji Fengmian. I have heard that she is also a princess of Isle country. The fatty who is sleeping soundly in the cradle despite all the noise is your twin brother Xu Ruan… ”

He took a long deep breath and spoke again ” Its really hard to tell you everything but still you are our sister so your IQ must not be below ”

His actions amused everyone inside the room.

”Anyways lets continue…the blockhead standing beside me is our elder brother Xu Zihan. He is 5 years old and this cold-looking uncle is unfortunately our father Xu Sichen… ”

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