While he was speaking he didn see the dark expression on both his fathers and brothers face.

He continued speaking ”he only smile at mother but now he started smiling at you too. You don know how pitiful it is to live with him… ”

He shook his small head again ”he despises us, sons because we all came between his and mothers relationship. Although I have heard him saying that you both were an accident but… ”

Before he could speak further an angry voice sounded ”Xu Zixuan! ”.

Xu Zixuan trembled with fear and ran behind his brother to hide from his father because he knew that when his father is angry only then he will speak this angrily.

But his brother also betrayed him by moving to another side because he was still angry about calling him a lockhead

Both Xu Ran and her mother couldn hold their laugh anymore. One laughed loudly and the other laughed in a baby voice flowing all saliva she had in her mouth on her fathers shirt and some on her dress.

She was stunned after laughing because she couldn remember when was the last time she laughed.

She could figure out some things from the knowledge her brother told. She could confirm that she died in the jungle extermination and somehow came here in the body of a 9 month old child. Although she died once but she doesn have a wide knowledge as she was only 7 years old in her previous life.

She felt her name and all her family members names are somewhat familiar but she can remember where she heard them.

”Aww my little princess had dirtied her and dadda clothes. ” her mother carried her from her fathers arm

”You go and change your clothes and take your two sons away with you ” then she turned her head towards Xu Ran and spoke with a bright smile ”baby lets go and leave these stinky men here and change into new princess clothes ”.

Then she saw her dad dragging her second brother who doesn want to leave out of the room with pitiful and aggrieved expressions.

”Nanny Sun bring some comfortable clothes for Ran ran. I will take her to wash her face. ”

Slowly the whole nursery went silent after everyone left but they all forgot the pitiful fatty Xu Ruan who was still sleeping in the cradle blowing bubbles from his mouth and dreaming

Yum yum I will drink all milk now

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