When she looked at herself in the large mirror of the bathroom she was stunned. Her appearance was the same as the fatty…no she meant her twin brother with gray eyes like her father and brown baby hair and the last point made her cry because she was also fatty as her twin brother.

After washing and drinking milk she was feeling rather sleepy so her mother brought her back and patted her back so that she can sleep and put her back in the cradle where her fatty twin brother was sleeping.

While she was sleeping where she had a terrifying nightmare, she woke up with a pale face and was panting hard. Although it was her second life but she was only 7 in her previous life so it was really hard to accept the fact that she was reborn or we can say transmigrated into mere cannon fodder who was the reason for all future happenings of a novel named Doomed the destiny.

In the novel, she was like a slight glitch because of which her family will be doomed. Xu family is one of the richest families in Y country. Her mother is the legendary princess of Isle country and her and fathers love story is the talk of the town. They both wanted a daughter and when they finally got one, she was kidnapped at the age of 3. This kidnapping cause a deep effect on her mother as she got depressed and died after 6 months after her kidnapping.

To take care of her elder brothers and twin brother her father remarried the illegitimate daughter of Lu family who had a daughter with her previous husband who died after committing suicide.

The daughter was actually the female lead of the novel. She was of the same age as her.

When she married she brought her daughter and changed her name from Jiang Xiyi to Xu Ran.

Which caused a drift between the brothers and their father. She mentally abused all three brothers and they transform from little genius to rebellious kids who from time to time started creating trouble for the female lead and her mother.

At last, they were destroyed by the male lead who was born into slightly lower-status family than Xu family in Y country.

Their father who was still grieving after 20 years of their mothers death when got to know destroyed the entire Lu family and the male leads family and lived in guilt in front of the grave of his family as a grave keeper.

Xu Ran trembled with fear after having that terrible nightmare. Although she doesn want to believe that nonsense but she can deny everything because everything in the book coincides with the small details that her brother told her today.

All in all a majestic voice was repeated in her ear

Rewrite the destiny

And change the fate,

Find the Doom

And create a change.

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