She asked in her mind ”how can i change my destiny? Who is the doom? Where can I find it? ” but there was complete silence after that. She could just hear her brothers snoring and strong wind blowing outside.

According to what she has learned to know what to do in a situation where everything is unclear she first needs to analyze the things which are given.

She only had spent little time with her new family with whom she had no affection as she is taught since little that affection leads to death but something within her is compelling her to save the future of her new family.

So first she needs to stop the main event which will cause the whole event, that is the event of her kidnapping which will happen when she is 3 years old.

Months passed and her affection with her family increased but everytime she sleeps a majestic voice will ring in her mind

Find the doom

And create a change.

Today she and her brother turned 1 year old and they both can walk and talk properly.

Xu Ran was eating cookies like a pig when a childish shout came from outside ”Ran Ran come we will miss our flight if you keep on eating like a pig here ”.

”Idiot we won miss the flight because we are going in our private jet ”.

”You are idiot…hmph ”

”You too…hmph ”

They both started pickering with each other

”You two idiots come out now mumma and dadda are waiting. ” Xu Zixuan came and stopped both of them.

Listening, they both ran into the garden where their parents were talking.

”Dadda pick ” she wailed like a pitiful adorable kitten.

”Hmph…all day she fights like a tigress and in front of dadda she becomes a pitiful kitten ” Xu Ruan snorted.

Xu Ran madea face at home when her father picked her up while glaring at Xu ruan. Ji Fengmian was grinning happily seeing her cute and happy family.

”Wheres Zihan? ”

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