Chapter 11: Old Professor And Supercomputer

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Since Alvin took over the school, the first teacher he “recruited” was Nicholas Cage, a former retired professor of mathematics at Columbia University.

This old guy with the same name as a Hollywood star Alvin knew in his previous life, looked boorish and fat, and had the personality of a traditional western cowboy.
Although he was not that willing when he came, and even fiercely resisted but after being “invited” to the school by Alvin again and again his enthusiasm for teaching was stimulated.
According to his original words, it probably meant that although the system of this school might not be able to teach a new Einstein, it would definitely be able to cultivate a large number of mathematical talents. He loved the teaching system of this school.
Students who did not do their homework were punished twice the amount. If the student was disrespectful to the teacher, the Correctional Services Department would teach him to be a man. If the student made a big mistake, then the small dark house converted from the warehouse would make him regret it for the rest of his life.

This place, which was more like a prison than a school, was considered by the old guy to be the place that could best cultivate students and was the justest place for the future of students. There was no class distinction here, all students were treated the same, and only the scores would create heroes. Instead of being like the schools outside, they quietly completed the class grading for children in the learning stage.
Children from ordinary families were learning and growing happily. Children from wealthy families went to prestigious schools but faced enormous pressure to study other subjects such as art in their spare time. When they started to go to college or faced society, the children of rich families would have a much higher starting point and a much easier time than the children of ordinary people.

And here, all the children were the same, even the members of the school basketball, baseball, and rugby teams of all levels, must ensure that the test scores were passed before they could participate in training. Alvin didn’t believe in nonsense such as a lack of learning talent.
If you could play sports well and understand tactics, then you could pass the exam. In his previous life, Alvin’s son’s classmates only scored 85 on the IQ test, but they were forced to pass every subject taught by their teacher. So here, Alvin did not believe in tears, but only in results.

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“Damn it, Alvin, you kidnapped me here.
You asked me to teach students, and here I am.
But what did you bastard do? You wasted your money on increasing the wall height and even put a fucking electrical fence on it! I have no objection to you doing this, but fuck you, can you buy the teaching equipment I wrote about first, I don’t even have a decent computer.
You bastard, if I can’t see the computer I want this week, I’ll fucking…”

Alvin stared at the old guy, waiting for him to say that he was going to leave, and he would gladly promise him that he could go home for retirement. This old thing asked for a multimedia teaching center, and Alvin agreed, but he was asking for a supercomputer, this was too much.
Although that thing can be used by all the teachers in the whole school, even if it was an outdated supercomputer, it would cost millions of dollars.
Where could Alvin find such money? Did he have to take a few big dogs to rob the Stark Building and get the supercomputer back?

The old man Cage thought for a while, that his career in his later years was here, and he couldn’t say that he wanted to leave.
Hence, he finished his sentence: “I’ll fucking go to the Ministry of Education and complain about you!”

Alvin shook his head in disappointment and said: “Professor Cage, you have to understand that our school is not rich! What can you complain about me at the Ministry of Education? Our students are only in grade 12, what do you want for that? What is it used for? Look, Principal Nelson’s hair has turned gray for a little bit of funding for the school.
You are an old professor, do you need to understand? Don’t worry, supercomputers, we will have them.
When things get better at the school, we’ll get to work on this right away.”

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There was a saying in Hua Country that the stones in the latrine are stinky and hard.
This was talking about people like Professor Cage.
After listening to Alvin’s words, Professor Cage was unmoved, looked at Alvin with contempt, and said: ” At first glance, you are a bastard without higher education.
If you want to run the school well, teachers are not important? Do you know how many high-level talents studying mathematics and physics in the United States are waiting in line to verify their experimental results? A supercomputer in the school? As long as you have it, high-level people who come to apply for a job, believe it or not, will line up until outside the gate! You ignorant idiot who only knows how to build walls and build buildings, but you don’t know that talent is the key to a school.”

After listening to the old professor’s words, Alvin was heartbroken.
Although he had never been to a university, he had heard the saying that talent was the most important thing. Is it really okay for you to despise me so openly?

Although Alvin was emotionally affected, he still straightforwardly said, “I don’t have money, what can I do!”

The old man scolded full of vigor and pointed at the surroundings, “No money? Look for the gangsters in Hell’s Kitchen.
Their children all go to school here.
If the school needs it, shouldn’t parents make some efforts? As far as I know, there are 20 large and small gangs in Hell’s Kitchen.
Multiple gangs, with an average of 100,000 dollars per family, are almost enough.
I have an old friend in the supplies department at Columbia University, they are looking to transfer a supercomputer, and I can get a good price.” He winked at Alvin as if someone above was watching.

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After listening to Professor Cage’s words, Alvin took a deep breath.
Was this a fucking professor or a bandit, and who the hell was the gangster here? How did he live to his seventies with this gangster temperament in the dangerous world of Marvel?

But 2 million dollars to buy a supercomputer was a very good deal. It was a whimsical idea to find a gang to apportion the expenses. These little gangsters were not Kingpin, he had a big gang and a little money didn’t matter much to him. These little gangsters, if you ask them to scrape out a dollar, they would get five dollars back from other places. Alvin would never do such a thing.

Asking gangsters for money couldn’t be said to be asking for money.
This action was definitely not acceptable.
They had to donate on their own initiative. It depended on the quality of school teaching and enrollment rate this year. With the enrollment rate, it was easy for these bosses to know that their children could take a different path from their own, and it would be easy to raise funds, but it was really impossible now.

Alvin rubbed his nose, wondering if he was looking for gold or begging for alms, but if he caught a sheep and sheered the wool too much, the sheep would go mad.

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Alvin looked at Professor Cage helplessly and said, “Professor, asking the gangs for money is the worst way to do it, this definitely can’t be done.
You can talk at your side first, if it’s really not possible, I will take a part of the budget of the teaching building in the back.
I’m going to ask Nelson to try if he can take out some loans.
But this semester must be done well, and you fool around just because there is no supercomputer.
There is no high school in the United States that dares to develop supercomputers.” Alvin also had no choice.
He himself had tricked and brought back an expert.
The ability of this expert had nothing to complain about, but his temper was too terrible, and he liked to lose his temper all the time, so he couldn’t stand him.

The old man was very satisfied with Alvin’s low profile, adjusted his tie, and said proudly: “This is my responsibility, there are several children in the 12th grade who are good, I can write a letter of recommendation for them and let them go to Columbia University to try.
I talked to Professor Wilson, half of these kids can pass 22 points in the ATC exam this year.
Ha, bastard, the only thing I like about you is the teaching system you set, you can’t train a horse without a whip.” Then he said with a quick change, like a loan shark asking for an account, “Hurry up and get the money, the supercomputer must be pulled in first.
Nelson will take out the loan for the money to build the building.
I can introduce him to several banks, and the people in charge there are all my students.”

The old man’s face was malicious like a loan shark that forced you to sign. Alvin and Nelson agreed and nodded quickly.

Seeing that Alvin agreed, the old man patted his shoulder happily, “You won’t regret it!”

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