Chapter 12: Unhappy Headmaster

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GP7-9 minutes 12.06.2022

As soon as he arrived at school, he met Professor Cage, which made Alvin’s mood very bad.

When Alvin was in a bad mood, the students in the school would be unlucky.

What are you doing holding hands during school? Separate! What? Freedom of love? I have never been in love in my 12 years of schooling, why did you fall in love! Separate! Otherwise, get into the small dark room! From the first grade to the twelfth grade, you are not allowed to fall in love. If you have the time, it is better to do more test papers.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Nelson found an excuse to escape quickly.
Knowing that Alvin was in a bad mood, he didn’t want to become cannon fodder.

What are you doing, jumping up and down, fighting on the stairs, what are you going to do if you fall to your death? Go back to the classroom and read.

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Spitting anywhere, who gave you the guts? Go to the utility room and get a mop and mop the entire hallway for me! What? You didn’t dirty anywhere else! Fool, go mop two floors, don’t you know that this is punishment!

And you, what are a bunch of girls doing, drawing on yourselves like this? Go to the bathroom and wash up before you come out! Cry! It’s useless, go wash it away, and dye your hair back tomorrow, I’ll let JJ shave it for you if I see any strange colors. Still not running?!

After tormenting the school all the way, Alvin’s temper was almost vented.
Seeing that his office was in front of him, Alvin decided to take a break.

As the head of a school, the office area was still quite large.
One office was divided into two rooms, the inner and outer rooms, and the outer room had the desk of the principal’s secretary. When Alvin pushed the door open and entered, a fat black aunty in a white floral dress was looking into a small mirror doing her make-up.
Seeing Alvin pushing the door in, she rushed over, hugged Alvin, and gave him a kiss.

“Oh, Olivia, you are too enthusiastic.
I think you are beautiful again today.
Is there any secret? I have to go back and teach my waiter.
He is not very good at dressing himself yet.” Alvin gently pushed the black aunty away and joked.

Olivia, the black aunty, gave out a warm laugh and said, “Alvin, you really know how to talk, if you came here to work every day it would be even better.
I heard today that the old man Cage was looking for you again.
Are you in trouble? Don’t be afraid, let me deal with him next time.
His wife, Mrs.
Cage, is now my good friend, I can let him go home and suffer a little!”

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Alvin shuddered, if he let old man Cage know that he played dirty, would he still be able to live? He quickly stopped Olivia’s bad idea and asked, “Is there anything today?” Then he walked to his office.

Sitting in a luxurious boss chair, listening to Olivia’s report with his legs crossed.

“Several parents called and complained that their children had been abused and wanted the school to change their schedules.
Others called and scolded with a lot of swearing.
People from the Ministry of Education called and said they had received reports and wanted to come here to check.” After finishing speaking, she smiled proudly at Alvin and said, “I scolded anyone who came to complain and scold people.
I will hand over the matter of the Ministry of Education to Nelson.”

Alvin nodded with satisfaction, and said with a smile, “Nice job, Olivia, I knew you would be a good helper.”

“Oh, Professor Wilson came to see you and said to inform him if you were available.
Do you want me to inform him?” Olivia said.

Alvin nodded, Professor Wilson was a calm person, he wouldn’t find him for nothing. Signaling Olivia to go out and inform Professor Wilson, he put his legs up in the office, thinking about where he could get the money. This school was really a money-eating machine, and the Ministry of Education’s funding plus the 5 million dollars he got from Kingpin was really not enough. Loans were not a sure-fire way.
As a Chinese civilian in his last life, he never had the habit of borrowing money for consumption.

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Alvin did some research when he came to this world.
In this world, there were two rich people he knew and understood.
First was the playboy who was still playing with girls, Tony Stark, and the other was the Osborne Group’s, Norman Osborne. An Iron Man, and a Green Goblin. These were the only two super-rich people Alvin knew about. But how could you scrape money out of them? Both were super-rich, and to Alvin, a Hell’s Kitchen restauranteur inaccessible by any means. Alvin felt very annoyed.
The only superhero he knew in this world was Matt Murdoch, Daredevil, but he was a standard poor guy.
He always came to him with Foggy a few days a month.
He didn’t have to think about finding him to make money.

When he was having a headache, Olivia came in with Professor Wilson.

Professor Wilson was a handsome old man in his seventies. Many female teachers in the school were obsessed with him. Every time Alvin saw him, he always thought of the Hollywood star in his previous life, Sean Connery.
The older the guy got, the more handsome he was.

Alvin stood up, let Wilson sit down on the sofa, ordered Olivia to pour two cups of coffee, and then asked: “Professor, what are you looking for from me? Don’t ask about money, I’ve been tortured mad by Professor Cage.”

Professor Wilson smiled and looked at the battered Alvin, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I’m not here to ask for money, but I recently found a strange little girl outside the school, she may be an illegal immigrant, I was thinking about letting her come to school.
I don’t want to see a five- or six-year-old girl hanging around in a dangerous area like Hell’s Kitchen, it’s too dangerous for her.”

Hearing that he just wanted to accept a little girl to the school, Alvin was relieved that he was not asking for money, and before Professor Wilson finished speaking, he smiled and said: “No problem, let her come, I will explain to Nelson and let him go through the admission procedures for her.
As for her identity, I can find Michael to get a solution.”

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Professor Wilson smiled and waved his hand and said, “I have solved her identity problem, and she has been in class for two days.
I have other things to talk about with you.” After speaking, he looked at Alvin with a smile and said nothing.

Alvin suddenly had a bad feeling that this little girl might not be anything good. Not daring to take Professor Wilson’s words, he just squinted at him, waiting to see what he would say.

After all, Professor Wilson was not a hothead like Professor Cage, the old rogue, and said a little ashamed: “My wife and I went through the adoption procedures and adopted this little girl, but we found that our energy was not enough.
There’s just too much work in school.
We found that we can’t take care of her, so I hope that you, can take care of this baby for us.
She’s great, and I named her Ginny Ye.” After speaking, he stood up, bowed slightly, and said solemnly, “I hope you can adopt her.”

Alvin heard that Professor Wilson had chosen the name for the child, but she was actually called Ginny Ye, and Alvin’s surname was Ye. If you say you didn’t mean it, you’re insulting my intelligence.

Resisting the urge to punch Professor Wilson’s nose crookedly, seeing that the old guy dragged his wife with him to do his best for the school, he had to bear it in! Holding his forehead, he agreed to Professor Wilson’s request and promised to take this Ginny Ye home after school.

Seeing that his business was done, the old professor stood up, tidied up his collar, nodded to Alvin, and went back to work.

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