Chapter 14: I Also Have A Daughter Now

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Alvin was busy until one o’clock in the afternoon and all 50 steaks were sold out. Alvin, who had nothing to do, walked to the bar, pulled out a can of wolfberry from the cabinet, and made himself a cup of wolfberry tea. In his past life, when he went out to work every day, his wife would make him a thermos can and bring him a cup. Now he can only make a cup of myself like a veteran cadre and reminisce.

After a while, he was awakened by the knocking sound of the bar, and his eyes refocused and found out that it was Jessica.

“What’s the matter? You got the wrong money again? I told you to go to school more, but you just don’t listen!” Alvin said a little confusedly, completely ignoring Jessica’s ugly face.

After receiving an iron fist, Alvin finally came to his senses, “Hey, how can a lady beat her boss? I am going to deduct your salary.”

Jessica was not afraid at all, she stared at Alvin, and muttered in a low voice, “It’s better to deduct everything, and support me for a lifetime.”

Alvin curled his index finger, knocked on Jessica’s forehead, and said, “You big girl, what are you thinking about every day? Will I support you for the rest of my life? If in the future a man tells you, he will support you for the rest of his life, give him a punch, and don’t be wronged like a fool!”

Jessica grimaced and looked like she was about to cry, staring at Alvin with a pair of deer-like eyes.

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Alvin put his hands on her shoulders and comforted her, with goose bumps one after another arising, he said, “Hurry up and work, you fool, just work for me honestly.
If someone pursues you in the future, pull him over, and I’ll check him out for you.
To avoid being deceived and not knowing it.”

Jessica grimaced, “Hmph, don’t worry about it, I know what to look for myself!”

“Then, don’t be like me, or you won’t be able to find anyone.
I won’t accept you, this boss here must find a woman with a chest of 36D or above.” Alvin stared at Jessica’s average-sized A chest and said.

Jessica recalled the women who made the boss happy, Dalia and Lilith, were all women with huge breasts. With an ugly face, she wrinkled her nose with a “humph” and arrogantly turned around to clean up the table. She forgot what she wanted to say to him just now.

“Boss, that’s a good girl, you’re not a gentleman to treat her like this.” The blond elite youth came over, bumped fists with Alvin familiarly, and made a few gestures like a black gangster.
He wanted Alvin to cooperate with him. Alvin looked at him like looking at a joke, but the blond young man was not discouraged, laughed dryly, and said, “Very good steak!” After that, he turned to meet his companions waiting at the door, and boasted to them, “Look, I know this owner, he is the godfather of this street.”

Shortly after the young man left, an old Ford sedan parked at the door of the restaurant.
The cab door opened and JJ got out of the car, came to the front passenger seat, and took out a 16-17-year-old black boy from the inside, with the boy’s arm.
There was a bandage on it, and looking at the blood on the bandage, it should be a serious injury.

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In the back seat, Professor Wilson got out of the car with a little brown-haired girl aged 5-6 and he walked into the restaurant with JJ and the boy.

Seeing that the old professor’s face was not very good, Alvin’s heart sank slightly.

Jessica wisely greeted Professor Wilson and the little girl to sit down and poured them a glass of water.

Alvin looked at JJ and asked in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

JJ slapped the black boy on the back of the head hard.
He bent over and raised his hand to stop the black boy who wanted to turn around and fight back.
He said in a deep voice, “This boy hurt Mrs.

Seeing that Alvin was about to have a fit of anger, Professor Wilson quickly stood up, waved his hand, and said, “It wasn’t an injury, it was just a push and a fall.
The doctor said it would be fine after two days of rest.” He stopped Alvin.
Professor Wilson said apologetically: “Instead, Ginny scratched Jason’s arm, that’s why I came to you, Alvin, I’m sorry for causing you trouble.”

Hearing that Mrs.
Wilson was all right, Alvin felt a little relieved.
Professor Wilson and his wife were now the backbones of the school. He ignored the boy struggling in JJ’s hands. Instead, he looked at the little girl who had been holding the corner of the old professor’s shirt and knew that she was the little girl that Professor Wilson talked about in the morning that he wanted him to adopt.

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Before Alvin transmigrated, in his last life he always wanted a daughter, but he and his wife were worried with already having a son, life would become difficult due to their financial situation. So in the end he hadn’t made up his mind. He hadn’t gotten married in this life, and he already had a daughter delivered to his door. Although in the morning, he was a little dissatisfied with Professor Wilson’s own decision, now that he saw the little girl carved like a porcelain doll, looking at him with the eyes of a frightened little animal, Alvin felt that his heart had melted. How could there be no time to care for her, it was just looking after the gangsters in Hell’s Kitchen.

Alvin squatted down, looked at the little girl with a gentle smile, and said, “You are Ginny, right? My name is Alvin!” After speaking, Alvin extended his hand to Ginny.

At this time, Alvin was like a kind father, with a sunshine-like warm smile on his face, looking at his daughter expectantly. It was strange to see this kind of expression on the average 25-year-old, but it was surprisingly harmonious on Alvin as if he was born like this.

It was unknown if it was because of Alvin’s infectious smile or because of Professor Wilson’s encouragement, Ginny slowly stretched out her hand, placed her fingers on Alvin’s open palm, and quickly retracted her hand.
Her snow-white little face had “Fear,” “Uncertainty,” and “Expectation” plastered on it.

Alvin spread his hands, motionless, just looking at Ginny with expectant eyes, his eyes full of encouragement.

Ginny looked at Alvin, then looked at Professor Wilson, and seeing Professor Wilson nod at her encouragingly she slowly loosened the grip on the corner of the professor’s clothes.
Like a small animal looking for food, her small hand probingly touched Alvin’s palm.

Alvin waited patiently, and the smile on his face became brighter and brighter.
This was an extremely insecure and extremely sensitive little girl. Alvin would never be stingy about giving her the love that he left to his daughter in his previous life.

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Finally, the small palm was placed on the big palm. Ginny felt the temperature in Alvin’s palm, which was very warm. Ginny liked this feeling very much.
In her memory, only Alvin gave her this feeling. It was cozy and safe. She had wandered many places, but in a restaurant called the Peace Restaurant in a chaotic and dilapidated neighborhood, she felt something she had never felt before. The old professor and his wife felt kindhearted and amiable to her, but what Alvin gave her were warmth and protection.

The little girl was longing for the temperature of Alvin’s palm and was reluctant to let go.
She timidly pointed at herself with her left finger, and whispered, “Ginny, I, Ginny.”

Alvin clenched his right hand happily and wrapped Ginny’s small hand in his big hand.
Following Ginny’s words, he pointed at himself with his left finger and said, “Alvin, I, Alvin.”

Ginny finally let go of her guard, with a small smile on her face, pointed at Alvin, and said, “Alvin, you, Dad.” Apparently, Professor Wilson had done psychological construction for Ginny before he came.

But who cared? Alvin only felt that his heart was about to explode with joy. He smiled happily, nodded, and pointed to himself, “I, Alvin, Dad”

Ginny’s smile became wider, she took Alvin’s hand and buried her small face in it, like a puppy returning home, squinting and sniffing Alvin’s scent greedily.

Alvin held Ginny’s small face with one hand and stroked her brown hair with the other, feeling overwhelmed with fulfillment.
I also have a daughter now.

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