DoM – Chapter 19: It’s Never Too Late To Be A Father

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“Nice to meet you, Frank, I’m Alvin, Alvin Ye.
You are a hero in Nick’s heart.
I think he’ll be very happy to see you.
I’ll call him down right away.” Alvin shook hands with Frank and seemingly found that drinking a little bit of alcohol had made Frank’s injuries a little worse, and his calloused hands didn’t seem to be that strong.

Frank stopped Alvin and said, “I’ve been here for many days, and I just sat there.” Frank pointed to a seat in the corner, and said with some guilt and uncertainty: “You are more like a father than me, I am probably not ready yet.”

Alvin looked at him strangely and said, “Then why did you want to come to me at this time? You could have come over when you were ready.”

Frank looked at Alvin with a wry smile and said, “Because you have a daughter, I’m going crazy with jealousy seeing how you get along with your daughter.
Nick and I should be the same.
I used to think that the mission was more important than the family, but when I lost them, I realized that family was more important than everything else.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Alvin asked.

Frank’s expression was a little strange, and he said, “I’m waiting for my letter of appointment.
I’ve found a job.
This way I can accompany Nick with peace of mind.”

Alvin asked curiously, “What job?”

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Frank’s expression became even more strange, and he said, “The disciplinary director at a community school.”

Alvin’s expression immediately became very excited, which school could have the position of disciplinary director? Only the community school in Hell’s Kitchen. This guy was taking on this job, with his temperament, was there any way for the punks in the school to survive?

Put them in a room with Frank, and they’ll piss their pants in fear.

Fortunately, the school needed such a strong person, using tough methods.
Otherwise, half of the students here had a gang background, and the teachers would be under a lot of pressure in class.

Alvin straightened his collar, formally shook hands with Frank, and joked: “Then I welcome you in advance.
We will be colleagues in the future.
In order for Nick to meet his father earlier, maybe I should write you a letter of appointment immediately.

Frank waved his hand, “No, it’s only a few days.
Actually, I’m really not ready.
I don’t even know what to say to my kid.
I have to prepare.”

“What? Buy a book ‘100 ways to get along with your son’.
No, man, Nick just needs his dad by his side.
Even if you’re just with him, listening to him! If you can go upstairs with him now after he finished his homework, you can easily gain his love.” Alvin said with a smile.

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Frank was still a little hesitant, and then said, “I think you seem to be in a bit of trouble.
Why don’t I solve the trouble for you, and then we can consider my business.”

Alvin waved his hand and said, “It’s all little things.
There’s nothing more important than Nick finding his father.
You are now a father first, not the killing machine in the past.” He pulled a plate of pizza from a passing guy, handed it to Frank, and motioned: “Go, there’s no need to wait.
When you really face it, you will find that you naturally know what to do.”

The murderous tough guy who took over the pizza, like a studious student, asked uncertainly, “Really?”

Alvin found it a little funny and said jokingly: “It depends on whether you can help him with his homework.
If you can, absolutely no problem.
You will be that kid’s savior.” Saying that Alvin jokingly asked, “Will you be all right? Nick is only in second grade this year.”

Frank, who felt that he was insulted, said heavily, “Of course, there is no problem! I graduated from LA.”

Alvin was a little moved when he watched the iron-blooded man carefully go upstairs with a plate of pizza like a crappy waiter. This was the power of family love, it can turn a murderous iron man into a caring father.

“Hey, buddy, I think it’s a good idea to bring a drink.” Alvin let out a shout.

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Frank, who was already very nervous, took a step forward and almost stepped into the air. He turned his head and glared at Alvin fiercely, then quickly went downstairs to grab another glass of lemonade, and harrumphed fiercely at Alvin with a little embarrassment. Gathering up his courage again, he started going upstairs.

Alvin was not afraid of this guy.
Somebody who wanted to work under him, wouldn’t dare to stab him. He just couldn’t bear to not make fun of this guy who was extremely worried and was about to collapse.

Now that Nick’s father was here, today was a good day with double the happiness, so let’s get done with the outside affairs! Those bastards were probably also anxious.

Alvin knocked on the wine glass, and the glass made a crisp “ding” sound. Everyone in the restaurant quieted down after hearing this.
Alvin smiled and said, “Two good things happened today.
One is that I have a daughter now, and everyone should know about it already.
There is one more thing when the matter outside is settled, I will announce it.
Guys, don’t leave, the drinks are enough for today, but my waiter is busy, and I need two volunteers to entertain the guys on site.”

Two young people rushed out soon, and the two looked at Alvin in admiration, waiting for his orders.

Alvin pointed to the beer keg in the bar, “Guys, it’s yours!” After speaking, he high-fived the two young men and bumped fists.

He rejected old Kent’s idea of ​​taking a few buddies with him. One of his principals was when out to talk to the guardians of the students, he couldn’t do anything like an underworld negotiation. Only JJ followed with an M500 pinned to his waist.

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At the door of the restaurant, the black boy Jason was about to collapse, sitting on the chair like sitting on needles, and there was a suspicious pool of water under the chair. Seeing that Alvin finally came out, he tried to speak several times but the words were forced back down the throat by Sol’s knife-like eyes.

On the opposite side of the road were several garish muscle sports cars. The Black Bear looking-like strong man was surrounded by a dozen gangsters.

Alvin gestured to JJ, JJ whistled at the opposite side to attract the other party’s attention, waved to them, and signaled them to come over to talk.

The strong man crossed the road surrounded by his subordinates, and he was looking at the guy on the opposite side at the same time. The age should be pretty young, probably no more than 30 years old, and he looked like nothing special, jeans, plaid shirt, gray coat, and he looked like a northern red-neck farmer. Right now he was lighting a cigar with the help of a strong black man like a bodyguard.

But the whole of Hell’s Kitchen knew that it was this peasant-like guy who drove out all the gangsters in the three neighborhoods. Kingpin, the underground boss of New York, also had to negotiate with the other party politely, and the result of the negotiation was that all of Kingpin’s forces honestly withdrew from these three blocks.

Black Bear didn’t know the details of Alvin, why was Kingpin afraid of him? However, being able to get into his position and not be killed, there were still some clever ones. Although the strength of his boss was not much different from that of Kingpin, he himself was not at the level of the boss, after all, was he?

Since Kingpin was polite enough to negotiate, then if he respectfully and politely come to talk about things, there should not be a problem!

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