DoM – Chapter 20: I Am A Fair Person

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Black Bear was a strong man nearly 2 meters tall, wearing a black suit, with a large gold chain estimated to weigh 3 pounds hanging around his neck. With his waist stooped, he greeted Alvin with a smile without saying a word, “Hello, boss Alvin, I’m Black Bear, and my boss is Bloody Johnson from New York.”

Alvin ignored the notorious drug dealer and waved him aside like a fly. You, a drug dealer, greeted a principal like me.
If I were to pay attention to you wouldn’t I be lacking in class!

Black Bear did not attack, his eyes flashed fiercely, and he stepped aside to let the person behind him out.

Alvin took a cigar, let the smoke swirl in his mouth, and blew it out again.
He was an old smoker in his last life, and he didn’t quit when he had a child. In this life, the addiction to smoking was gone, but he was obsessed with the rich taste of cigars. It was just that he didn’t usually smoke in the restaurant. Since they were going to negotiate now, he naturally had to buy himself a cigar.
If the clothes were not good enough, he would use the boss aura to make it up.

Breathing out a smoke dragon, Alvin looked at the group of gangsters in strange clothes in front of him, and said, “Excuse me, who is James Lancer from 58th Street, so what did you come here for, um…?” JJ, JJ immediately whispered: “ZL Gang”

“Oh, the boss of the ZL Gang, are you here?”

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A young white man who looked like a heavy drug addict, with green hair that looked like a goth or punk, walked out tremblingly and said, “Hello, Boss Alvin, I, I’m James Lancer, you can just call me James.”

Alvin handed the cigar in his hand to JJ, endured the disgust, shook hands with James enthusiastically, and said, “Hello, I’m the principal of the community school, Alvin Ye, your little brother has suffered in the school.
A little injury was caused by my daughter.
We did preliminary treatment for him, and it was not a big problem.
But out of guilt, as a father, I decided to pay some compensation.
I think $2,000 is a reasonable amount.
What do you think?”

James felt that he was going to be scared to pee.
The bosses of the drug wholesalers in Hell’s Kitchen would be polite and respectful when they saw Alvin.
He instinctively felt that there would be bad consequences. He refused in fear: “No no no, Boss Alvin, if my little brother made a little mistake, you can punish him as you like.
A little injury doesn’t matter, even if you cut off his arm, I won’t say anything about compensation.
No need, there’s really no need.”

Jason, who was sitting in the chair at the door, looked at his boss in disbelief, who betrayed himself so casually, desperately, forgetting Sol’s threat, he shouted: “Boss James!!!”

James pretended not to hear Jason’s call, he wasn’t on drugs and his mind was still clear. He just looked at Alvin pleadingly, hoping he would let him go.

Alvin took out a wet tissue from his pocket, wiped the right hand he had held with James, threw the wet tissue into the trash can, took the cigar that JJ handed over, and took a breath.

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The smoke of the cigar lingered between Alvin and James.
Ignoring James’ panic, he said kindly: “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to trouble you, my daughter hurt your subordinate, I am responsible for compensation.
That’s fair.
I’m a fair person.” He took the $2,000 that JJ handed over, all in large $100 bills, folded it in half, and stuffed it into James’s chest pocket. Alvin compulsively sorted out James’s messy collar and patted his money pocket. “Look, the matter is resolved, you just need to say yes!”

James, who was completely stunned by Alvin, nodded mechanically and said, “Yes, sir, the matter is over.”

Alvin smiled kindly: “Look, I knew that we could easily reach an agreement.
You are a reasonable person.
I am sorry for my daughter’s mistakes and have made compensation, you see, right? ?”

“Yes, yes, it’s over, it’s over,” James replied in a panic.

Alvin nodded and said, “That’s good, then let’s talk about Mr.
Jason.” He pointed to Jason, who was sitting paralyzed as if his bones had been taken out, “Mr.
Jason, at school, pushed a 65-year-old, respected old teacher, Mrs.
It’s not a big problem, Professor Wilson even interceded with me and let me lessen Mr.
Jason’s punishment.
But Mr.
Jason was rude to me and insulted Mrs.
I personally don’t think Mr.
Jason’s ability and training are suitable for your um… ZL gang.
What do you think?”

James, who was already terrified to the extreme, nodded quickly and said, “Yes, yes, from now on, Jason is no longer a member of our ZL gang.
He has nothing to do with us from now on.
Sir, you can do whatever you want with him.
I’m fine, sir, let me go, I don’t know anything about him at school.”

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Alvin looked at Jason, who had lost his energy.
Looking at James, who was about to collapse, he took a cigar and said, “So, goodbye!”

James was given amnesty, and he didn’t even care about Black Bear, the leader who provided his bread and butter, and he rolled and climbed into the car and ran away.

Alvin touched his face and asked JJ “Am I so scary?”

The corners of JJ’s eyes jumped and he said, “There was a boy among the people who ran away together.
He sneaked into the restaurant before.
I heard him muttering something when he went out, minced meat, Cesare, etc.” After thinking about it.
He wanted to say: “Boss if there is anything in the future, you can tell me to do it.
Don’t be so cruel, really, this does not fit your identity!”

Alvin almost spit out a mouthful of old blood.
He thought that he was imitating Marlon Brando’s godfather’s speaking, and he almost scared James into pissing himself. It turned out to be a fucking misunderstanding, and maybe this was the culprit. Of course, there would be no revenge, because they were all dead. But this made Alvin misunderstand his deterrent power, which was too embarrassing.

He coughed twice in embarrassment and waved to Black Bear.

Black Bear still looked very polite, walked up to Alvin honestly, and said, “Boss Alvin, now that the matter is over, are there any other orders?”

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Alvin smiled and said, “Don’t call me boss, I’m talking to you now as a school principal.” Seeing that the other side was a little disbelieving, he emphasized: “Really, Hell’s Kitchen Community School has a certificate.

Black Bear was amused by the words of Alvin, the actual ruler of the three blocks, who insisted that he was the principal. Interestingly, he said, “What’s the principal’s order?”

Alvin was very satisfied with Black Bear’s attitude and said with a smile: “I am a principal, and I have to be responsible to the students of the school.
Our school has a policy that prohibits all students from participating in the drug trade.
So today I was looking for you, the boss of the black bear, to ask to inform you, thoroughly investigate the gang members under your command to see if there are any students in our school or underage children.”

Black Bear’s eyes narrowed suddenly, his face became stiff, and he said in a deep voice, “I never knew that community schools have this rule.”

“I made it today, remember, I’m the principal.” Alvin chuckled.

The black bear sneered and said, “You’ve crossed the line, Alvin Ye, my boss, Bloody Johnson, will agree to your boring proposal wither.” Glancing at JJ behind Alvin, he said with a sneer: “Or if you want to go to war, our Pit Viper gang are not that kind of rubbish like Kingpin.
A lot of people in Hell’s Kitchen will die.”

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