Chapter 21: Is This Really Second Grade?

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The window in the attic of the restaurant was opened, and Nick with curly hair, and a grin, with Frank standing beside him, explained to him in a leaky voice: “Look, Dad, this big black guy is going to be unlucky.
Alvin will teach him a lesson.”

Alvin guessed right, as long as Frank appeared in front of him, Nick would warmly recognize him. Once in a while, Nick was a little lost because he had never met his father, but his mother had told him that his father was serving the country and that his work was dangerous and noble. This made Frank, the telephone father, a hero to him. He had been waiting for his father.

Frank put one hand on Nick’s shoulder and moved his hand to his waist reflexively. He saw the whole process of Alvin handling things.

It was not difficult to intimidate a gangster, but this Black Bear was also a well-known figure in New York. Although he had read Alvin’s information and investigated it himself, what he got were some hearsay stories and even some myths about him. No one had ever seen Alvin do it himself, but his former opponents were either missing or running away. The few who ran away were also tight-lipped about him, unwilling to mention Alvin’s methods.

Frank watched with interest, guessing how Alvin would deal with the situation in front of him.
He only had two people, and the other party had 14 people, and they were all armed.

Frank even calculated the bullets in his pistol and decided to help Alvin if things went bad.

While Frank’s mind was churning the situation had changed.
Nick whispered excitedly, “Look, they’re all here, Rome, Athens, and Sparta.
They’re all here, all of these bad guys are finished.”

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Frank, took a closer look and found that there were three giant wolves across the road, about the size of the two giant wolves at the entrance of the restaurant. When the cigar in Alvin’s hand hit Black Bear’s face, all the giant wolves attacked at the same time.

The razor-sharp wolf claws slid across the heels of the gangster who was about to turn his face, bringing about a blood flower. The giant wolf’s movements were very fast, and Frank’s eyes could hardly catch up with them.

None of the gangsters could react and shoot, all the guys who drew their guns received an extra claw on their hands, and one unlucky guy had half of his palm chopped off and one part flew far away.

It didn’t take more than ten seconds for the whole thing to appear to be over. A dozen or so gang members were screaming and rolling on the ground holding their legs. The worst thing was Black Bear.
Sol and Dom each pulled at one leg respectively.
Black Bear was lying on the ground screaming and watched in despair as his legs were pulled into a straight line.

Frank wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, his legs tightened, and he could feel Black Bear’s pain. For such a muscular man of nearly 2 meters, to have his legs pulled apart like this.
Frank felt that this was too cruel, so he might as well shoot him directly.

Nick waved his fist excitedly and shouted, “I knew it! Alvin is more powerful, and the bad guys will be punished.”

Frank said reluctantly: “That’s because his big dog is powerful, but Alvin himself is not that good!” He cared about the people his son admired if they were not himself.

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Nick made a “ha” and glanced at Frank, but didn’t refute Frank’s words, as if he knew something, but he just didn’t want to say it.

Frank hummed in a lack of confidence, and said, “When I’m on vacation, I’ll take you hunting, you’ll know what I can do.
Now, being able to raise animals can’t compare to good marksmanship!”

Nick gave a “ha” the second time, ignoring Frank’s self-bragging, and said, “The fun is over too soon, I’m going to do my homework, or Alvin will find trouble with me.” He patted Frank on the waist in the same way and said, “Partner, you can’t solve my tasks, I don’t blame you, it’s really difficult.
Just accept it, it’s a little late if you want to study, but it doesn’t matter, I can do it, it just takes some time!”

Frank felt that his blood pressure was about to explode. He was obviously injured and lost too much blood, but the blood vessels on his forehead were about to burst. Frank was even angrier at the thought of having bragged with Alvin downstairs.

With a “hump”, he turned to study Nick’s homework with him.

“ABCD×9=DCBA Question: ABCD=?”

Is this a fucking sophomore subject? Frank resisted the urge to take out a gun and kill Nick’s math teacher. He grabbed his hair vigorously. Although it was difficult to watch his son suffer, the boy still figured out the answer in the end. Only then did Frank determine that Alvin was not giving his son a hard time.

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Frank then wondered in surprise, what the hell this community school was teaching the students?


At the door of the restaurant, Alvin was getting impatient listening to the screams of these scumbags, and he winked at JJ giving him a signal.

JJ grinned, and under the terrified eyes of Jason who witnessed the whole process, took out an iron rod from the door. One by one, the gangsters who were about to cry on the ground were knocked out. The world was much quieter, and only Black Bear was left, still screaming desperately, covering his crotch with his hands, which was about to be torn apart by the two giant wolves.

Alvin glanced at the cigar that had exploded on Black Bear’s face and fell to the ground and shook his head regretfully and lit himself another cigar.

After whistling, Sol and Dom let go of Black Bear’s legs, ran to Alvin, rubbed on him, greeted him, and then went back to the door of the restaurant a little reluctantly. This Black Bear was too inexperienced to make the wolves excited at all.

Sol and Dom’s departure did not make Black Bear’s legs fold back together, and his hands covered his crotch. The screams were no longer as powerful as they were at the beginning, and the hoarse throat seemed to be leaking, and the screams turned into a dry heaving sound. The Black Bear here now, and the black bear who was screaming a few minutes ago about to go to war were completely different.

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Alvin walked to Black Bear, turned him over with his feet, and made him lie on his back. Black Bear’s poor legs drooped casually like two soft noodles.

Squatting in front of Black Bear, Alvin breathed out a smoke ring, “Mate, it could have been so easy for us to reach an agreement.
I really regret it.”

As a big drug dealer, Black Bear was still a bit stubborn.
Instead of begging for mercy or admitting defeat, he endured the pain and stared at Alvin with what he thought was a vicious look.

Although the appearance of Black Bear turned his glare into a joke, Alvin still asked kindly: “What? Do you still have any questions about my previous proposal?”

The black bear gritted his teeth and said in a hoarse voice: “You will regret it, I promise! You will be killed, and all your family members will be killed! Our Pit Viper Gang will definitely do it.”

Alvin looked at Black Bear as if looking at someone mentally handicapped, “Kingpin couldn’t do it, why do you think a drug dealer could? You rely on viciousness and cruelty, and you are based in New York.
In terms of combat effectiveness, you are even worse than the Russian gangsters in Hell’s Kitchen!” He took out another cigar, and the feeling of squatting and smoking made him feel a little nostalgic, “Man, consider my proposal seriously! Or you can call your boss Bloody Johnson and ask for his opinion.”

Black Bear turned his head to the side, spit out bloody spit, and said with a grin, “My boss will only come here with armed forces and kill all of you.”

Alvin wrinkled his nose, mentally linked his pet crow, then shook like getting an electric shock, stared at Black Bear a little angrily, and said, “Hurry up and make a phone call and let your boss move his fat ass.
Get out of the jacuzzi in his Long Island villa, give him my suggestion, that my patience is about to run out!”

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